Culex Large Animal System

The PTP houses four Culex-L large animal sampling systems, used to collect blood and physiological data from porcine models. Automated, walk-away capability allows drawing, collecting and storage of blood samples at programmable intervals without human intervention, yielding low-stress pharmacokinetic data at any time point.

The pig moves freely in the pen, and the patented system rotates to accommodate the animal's movement. This allows for a stress-free environment during the sampling process. By allowing the animals to freely move we can collect specific biomarkers without the added stress of traditional sampling.

Culex Small Animal System

The PTP houses eight Culex rodent automated sampling systems. This system is used to collect blood, microdialysate and bile samples, as well as many types of physiological and behavioral data. Similar to the Culex-L, this system features a walk-away capability allowing the collection of biological samples at timed intervals without human intervention.

Empis Automated Dosing System

The automated dosing system can be used with either the swine or rodent sampling systems. The instrument delivers precise dosing at programmed intervals. Fluids are delivered from up to three reservoirs to a single indwelling catheter, which could include either a venous or intragastric catheter. The Empis can be used for bolus dosing of one or multiple compounds, repeated doses over time, long-term infusion, or microdialysis. Typical experiments may include drug-drug interaction studies, stress studies where human presence would affect the results, long-term slow infusions and overnight dosing protocols.


Robyn McCain
Translational Pharmacology Facility Director
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