Conflict Resolution

Disagreements and/or disputes over use of equipment or access to equipment, or for intellectual input and authorship will be raised with the BBC Center operations manager for resolution. The Center operations manager will present the disagreement to the BBC director and BBC deputy director to identify a mutually agreeable solution. If invention rights or claims are involved, respective technology transfer managers will be consulted and included in the deliberation of the dispute. The Core Facility Advisory Committee will be convened to mediate the dispute if a mutually agreeable solution is not achieved within 30 days of the dispute notification to the liaison.

With due process and considering all sides in the dispute as presented by involved parties, the director, or Facility Advisory Committee if it is involved in the dispute, will provide a reasonable and workable solution and will make available resources as possible to act on the recommended solution. If the solution is not accepted by any of the involved investigators, the matter will be referred to the respective University administrative structures for resolution. In this event, all facility projects that include the involved investigators will be suspended until the dispute is resolved.