Purdue Translational Pharmacology

The Purdue Translational Pharmacology (PTP) Core conducts in vivo studies that avoid the stress-induced complications of biofluid collection and provide a translational model more closely aligned with drug metabolism in humans. The facility serves individual investigators, government entities and private companies. The PTP synergizes with the Metabolite Profiling Facility in the Bindley Bioscience Center, which facilitates the pharmacological analysis of samples collected during the studies. 

Gregory Knipp

Gregory Knipp

Faculty Director
Phone: (765) 494-3765
Email: gknipp@purdue.edu

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Dr. Knipp was instrumental in establishing the Purdue Translational Pharmacology (PTP) CTSI Core Facility. As faculty director to the PTP, he provides expertise on the use of the facility to advance understanding of the basic in vivo metabolism of various potential therapeutic entities. Questions regarding the capabilities of the facility and the available pre-clinical models should be directed to Dr. Knipp.


Robyn McCain
Translational Pharmacology Facility Director
Phone: (620) 326-1746
Email: rrmccain@purdue.edu