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Robyn McCain

Translational Pharmacology Facility Director
Phone: (620) 326-1746

Robyn R. McCain B.S., RLATg received her B.S. in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University. She has been the manager of the Purdue Translational Pharmacology Unit since 2010. Robyn was previously employed with Bioanalytical Systems Incorporated for 12 years where she developed most of the rodent catheters and surgical procedures for the Culex Automated Blood Sampling System and the Culex-L pigturn units. She is the only user of the Pigturn/Culex-L units and has trained many of the top 10 large pharma in use of the Culex rodent units. Prior to joining BASi she worked for the University of Memphis in the Biomedical Engineering group doing work in Cardiac Electrophysiology as well as assisting researchers at St. Jude Children's hospital in areas of cancer research.