The Women’s Global Health Institute leverages many established relationships among existing centers and projects at Purdue University. This will allow the Center to launch efficiently into cross disciplinary areas of research. 

Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

The mission of the Indiana CTSI is to increase translational biomedical research and improve the health of people of Indiana and beyond.  The overall goal is to transform the Indiana institutions to create an environment that facilitates the conduct of clinical and translational science research. The CTSI has developed new mechanisms to accelerate translational research, streamlined all available research infra-structure to accelerate translational projects, and partnered with commercial and philanthropic organizations in Indiana. The Indiana CTSI brings together the resources of academic, commercial, and community groups across the state. It provides a "home" to investigators with expertise in a wide range of fields relevant to clinical and translational research.

Purdue Center for Cancer Research

The National Cancer Institute designated Purdue University Center for Cancer Research studies cancers at the cellular level to discover how they develop, progress and respond to treatment, finds ways to detect cancer sooner and treat it more effectively while sharing its work with scientists and physicians worldwide to save and enhance human lives.

Indiana University National Center for Excellence in Women's Health

The National Center of Excellence (NCoE) in Women’s Health is a program of Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The Center’s mission is to improve the health of Indiana women and their families through collaboration, outreach and education.

American Dairy Association Indiana

American Dairy Association Indiana, Inc. (ADAI) is a not-for-profit promotion, communication, and nutrition education organization funded by and serving Indiana dairy farm families. We provide service to consumers, health professionals, teachers, food service professionals, and the media.

Cook Research Incorporated

Cook Research Incorporated has the operational mission to support Cook Medical in the identification, development, testing, and regulatory approval of innovative medical products. Our staff of engineers, scientists, regulatory professionals, and clinical experts provide the expertise to medical product development projects that improve the treatment of patients.

French School of Public Health in Rennes

The French School of Public Health in Rennes is a public establishment with a dual role of education and research into public health and social welfare. It encourages synergy between the disparate cultures of public health and management.

Peace and Love Hospitals, Ghana 

A specialist private health care facility manages and offers treatment specifically in breast related challenges including breast cancer. Additionally, the hospital undertakes clinical breast screening exercises, diagnosis, treatment, counselling, rehabilitation and research into various breast pathologies

American University of Beirut

Founded in 1866, the American University of Beirut bases its educational philosophy, standards, and practices on the American liberal arts model of higher education. 

The National Cancer Control Program - Ministry of Public Health in Uruguay

Establish policies and strategies for the fulfillment of the Essential Functions of Public Health, in order to ensure collective health as a basic human right and a public good, responsibility of the State, guiding the functioning of the Integrated National Health System (NHIS) According to a model of care and management based on the principles of Primary Health Care.