The Women’s Global Health Institute leverages many established relationships among existing centers and projects at Purdue University. This will allow the Center to launch efficiently into cross disciplinary areas of research. 

Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Disease

The Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Disease (PI4D) leverages the significant diversity of life sciences, physical sciences and engineering on campus to invent and integrate basic immunologic advances, new diagnostics, probe basic biological and inflammatory processes, and to develop and commercialize novel intervention methods to control an array of chronic inflammatory conditions, cancer and infectious diseases.

Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

The mission of the Indiana CTSI is to increase translational biomedical research and improve the health of people of Indiana and beyond.  The overall goal is to transform the Indiana institutions to create an environment that facilitates the conduct of clinical and translational science research. The CTSI has developed new mechanisms to accelerate translational research, streamlined all available research infra-structure to accelerate translational projects, and partnered with commercial and philanthropic organizations in Indiana. The Indiana CTSI brings together the resources of academic, commercial, and community groups across the state. It provides a "home" to investigators with expertise in a wide range of fields relevant to clinical and translational research.

College of Health and Human Sciences

The College of Health and Human Sciences prepares scholars, develops leaders, translates theory to practice, and advances knowledge of human behavior, health, and quality of life. Key Characteristics:

  • An interdisciplinary environment for discovery, learning, and engagement
  • Faculty and graduates who are leaders in the health and human sciences
  • Research that advances knowledge and is responsive to ever-changing conditions
  • Applications of knowledge to improve people's well-being
  • Engagement with diverse constituencies and communities to address a broad spectrum of human needs.

The Catherine Peachey Fund

The mission of the Catherine Peachey Fund is to promote advances in breast cancer research and treatment. We provide financial support to research and programs that we believe are best positioned to move from the bench to the clinic.

Discovery Park

We live in an era of not only great promise – with exponential advances in sciences, technology and engineering – but also great challenge – with complex problems requiring comprehensive solutions. Discovery Park at Purdue University is a place where challenge and innovation converge, a hub where researchers move beyond traditional boundaries, collaborating across disciplines and with policy makers and business leaders to create solutions for a better world.

Nestled on 40 acres on the southwest edge of Purdue’s West Lafayette campus, our complex of facilities provides open, collaborative research environments where interdisciplinary projects are connected throughout Purdue, Purdue Research Park and the world.

Purdue Center for Cancer Research

The National Cancer Institute designated Purdue University Center for Cancer Research studies cancers at the cellular level to discover how they develop, progress and respond to treatment, finds ways to detect cancer sooner and treat it more effectively while sharing its work with scientists and physicians worldwide to save and enhance human lives.

Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience

Spanning 25 departments across six colleges, Purdue’s neuroscience enterprise, part of the Pillars of Excellence in the Life Sciences, already includes around 100 faculty with ongoing neuroscience-related research activities or interests. This deep pool of human resources has positioned Purdue well in several target research areas within the broad field of neuroscience, and the new center will synergize these efforts for national and international impact.

Purdue Policy Research Institute

The Purdue Policy Research Institute’s aims to foster high-impact, interdisciplinary research in established and emerging areas of strategic focus, and leverage extant research to maximize impact. The Institute catalyzes and leverages extant policy-relevant transdisciplinary research among members of the Purdue research community, facilitates enduring connections among local and global actors, and generates impact on policymaking and beyond. We are guided by the principle that policy development must consider the interdependencies among technological, economic, ethical, and social factors.  

Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering

Established in 2005 by a gift from the Regenstrief Foundation and located in Discovery Park at Purdue University, the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering brings together researchers and practitioners from multiple disciplines to collaboratively improve healthcare delivery and empower individuals to live their highest quality of life.

Our mission is to pursue a proactive, patient-centered, and wellness-focused healthcare delivery system by conducting impactful research that leverages collaborative partnerships.

Our vision is to be a leading research institution that generates evidence for the effectiveness and successful adaptation of interventions and policies to improve the quality, accessibility, equity, and affordability of healthcare delivery.

Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence

The Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence serves as a catalyst for developing leadership for the 21st century. The center started with the generous donation from Susan Butler.

The Butler Center provides research support, educational seminars, workshops, and experiences that enhance both aspiring and experienced leaders’ understanding and ability to manage today’s complex institutions of various types particularly colleges and universities. The mission of the center is to develop leadership capacity through research, education and collaborations that helps advance and broaden representation in academic decision making.

Global Health Innovation Exchange

The Indiana CTSI intuitions (Indiana University, University of Notre Dame, and Purdue University) established a new reciprocal innovation program to design, demonstrate, replicate, and rapidly disseminate health innovations developed through collaborations with our partners in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). Beginning in 2016, global health pilot grants and reciprocal innovation grants are funded to support the research of Indiana CTSI investigators and their international partners.

College of Liberal Arts 

The College of Liberal Arts is essential to a Purdue education that prepares graduates for meaningful careers and inspired leadership. Positioned at the intersection of liberal arts and STEM, the College leverages Purdue’s STEM strengths to propel our graduates toward new advances in our disciplines and enhances Purdue’s renowned STEM education by pushing all Purdue students intellectually and challenging them to be independent thinkers who drive decision making as bold, visionary leaders. The College is committed to exploring innovative ways of advancing Liberal Arts education and scholarship. The College of Liberal Arts takes pride in our teaching and research that produce knowledge that leads to transformative human advances and graduates who think broadly and lead boldly as productive, engaged members of society.

Women in Science Program

The Science Diversity team believes mentoring relationships play a significant role in the academic and social development of mentors and mentees and that development is enhanced through programming that promotes a strong professional identity early in one’s college career. The goal of WISP is to implement programming and facilitate relationships with upper class peers and faculty members that help retain women in the College of Science. WISP is designed so that faculty and peers serve as role models, offer support, and recommend strategies to contribute to the success of first year students. The program is designed to facilitate relationships, share information, and provide support that enhances the professional identity of women in science.

Women in Engineering Program

Purdue University's Women in Engineering Program (WIEP) helps women and girls discover their inner engineer. From mentoring to career development, WIEP continually encourages current and future women engineering students by providing interesting and engaging programming relevant to their lives. WIEP programs are a place to learn, discover, and explore aspects of engineering and connect with others who are also interested. They are a place of encouragement, support, and positive perspectives for those who are interested in following their dreams by pursuing an engineering degree.

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

The Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program seeks to produce, promote, and advance knowledge, scholarship, theory, research, pedagogy, education, and action in the service of three overlapping feminist goals: understanding and improving women’s lives and status; revealing the operations and consequences of gender, sexuality, and other critical axes of identity and power relations such as race, class, ethnicity, nationality, age, ability, etc., as constitutive and intertwined elements of sociality; and eliminating discriminatory practices and inequalities based on gender, sexual orientation, and other critical axes of identity such as race, class, ethnicity, nationality, age, ability, etc.

ADVANCE-Purdue and the Center for Faculty Success 

ADVANCE is a National Science Foundation program designed to develop systemic approaches to increase the representation and advancement of women in academic science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers, thereby contributing to the development of a more diverse science and engineering workforce. ADVANCE-Purdue is an institutional transformation project that targets recruitment, retention, and advancement of women STEM faculty at Purdue University. The mission of ADVANCE-Purdue is to conduct research and evaluate PCFS's programming, structure and institutionalization, and to institutionalize PCFS as a vibrant center integrated into the fabric of Purdue.

Division of Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse, inclusive community is an integral part of the Purdue experience.

It is vital that we:

  • Create and sustain a welcoming campus where all students can excel
  • Increase and retain the number of historically underrepresented and diverse students, faculty and staff at Purdue
  • Prepare all students to thrive in our diverse, global environment

Shah Innovation Lab

The Shah Family Global Innovation Lab was founded to convene and catalyze consortia matching world-class capability with the most pressing global challenges. In the words of Leah H. Jamieson, The John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering, “The Global Innovation Lab captures the essence of the Purdue Engineering Strategic Plan: students effective in a global context, research of global significance, empowering our people, enriching our culture, expanding our notion of community to include not only our role in the state, but in the global community.

Center for Research on Brain, Behavior, and NeuroRehabilitation (CEREBBRAL)

CEREBBRAL is a center started within the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) as an Area of Research Excellence.  CEREBBRAL leverages strong collaborations between basic and applied scientists across units to answer big questions about how to improve quality of life, not just extend it, and how to predict disease- and aging-related declines in large highly variable populations.

Medical Humanities

The Medical Humanities Certificate offers students across a wide range of colleges, programs, and majors the opportunity to approach medicine and healthcare in a collaborative and interdisciplinary way. Students will learn about the interactions between human experience, medical practice, and scientific technology, while also gaining insights into the historical, social, and cultural contexts of a wide range of topics including disease, pharmaceuticals, the medical profession, sexuality, and mental illness.

Indiana University National Center for Excellence in Women's Health

The National Center of Excellence (NCoE) in Women’s Health is a program of Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The Center’s mission is to improve the health of Indiana women and their families through collaboration, outreach and education.

American Dairy Association Indiana

American Dairy Association Indiana, Inc. (ADAI) is a not-for-profit promotion, communication, and nutrition education organization funded by and serving Indiana dairy farm families. We provide service to consumers, health professionals, teachers, food service professionals, and the media.

Cook Research Incorporated

Cook Research Incorporated has the operational mission to support Cook Medical in the identification, development, testing, and regulatory approval of innovative medical products. Our staff of engineers, scientists, regulatory professionals, and clinical experts provide the expertise to medical product development projects that improve the treatment of patients.  

French School of Public Health in Rennes

The French School of Public Health in Rennes is a public establishment with a dual role of education and research into public health and social welfare. It encourages synergy between the disparate cultures of public health and management.

Peace and Love Hospitals, Ghana 

A specialist private health care facility manages and offers treatment specifically in breast related challenges including breast cancer. Additionally, the hospital undertakes clinical breast screening exercises, diagnosis, treatment, counselling, rehabilitation and research into various breast pathologies

American University of Beirut

Founded in 1866, the American University of Beirut bases its educational philosophy, standards, and practices on the American liberal arts model of higher education. 

The National Cancer Control Program - Ministry of Public Health in Uruguay

Establish policies and strategies for the fulfillment of the Essential Functions of Public Health, in order to ensure collective health as a basic human right and a public good, responsibility of the State, guiding the functioning of the Integrated National Health System (NHIS) According to a model of care and management based on the principles of Primary Health Care.