About Us


Improving health and quality of life for women through the prevention and early detection of disease. 


Developing and implementing innovative interventions and technologies to prevent disease and improve the quality of life of women globally based on creative interdisciplinary research and education.  

Why Purdue?

Purdue University is uniquely positioned, particularly through Discovery Park, to engage faculty in broadly interdisciplinary efforts in addition to the established network for community engagement and global health research through the National Institutes of Health funded Clinical and Translational Science Institute.  WGHI aims to leverage these unique strengths of Purdue to promote research focused on women’s health and well-being through disease prevention and early detection.  Purdue supports the development of analytical, basic science and biomedical technologies with some of the most prestigious programs in the world, such as engineering, nutrition and chemistry, as well as providing access to cutting-edge analytical technology. Purdue also has strong global connections that the WGHI can leverage to accelerate research promoting women’s health worldwide.  


  • Develop interdisciplinary research strategies for improving women’s health across the lifespan around the world.
  • Build infrastructure to establish interdisciplinary partnerships and fund research for optimizing health, detecting and preventing disease. 
  • Initiate interdisciplinary training programs for careers in women’s health research.