Why health and human sciences?

Because we’re passionate about our research, and we’re passionate about people.

We’re solving some of the most pressing challenges of our time with cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in topics like eating disorders, mental health, exercise science, hearing loss, social relationships and sustainable tourism … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our faculty and students study health and well-being at every stage of the lifespan — from pregnancy to elder care — in addition to hospitality and financial planning, retail and sales management, and so much more.

We’re the people of Health and Human Sciences at Purdue University. We’re making lives better.

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Who we are

Picture of Hibatalla Fadul

“I did an internship working in the Hypertension Program offered by the A.H. Ismail Center. The students work together to help clients learn how to live a healthy lifestyle by maintaining their blood pressure through diet and exercise. It exposed me to the clinical part of my major; the internship experience overall advanced my interpersonal communication and time management skills.”

Hibatall Fadul

Senior (Public Health)

Picture of Libby Richards

“The School of Nursing faculty is highly engaged in research across a broad range of areas, including chronic illness care, child and family health, and gerontological nursing.”

Libby Richards

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Picture of Ted Harper

“The core skill set of how I practice, and how I practice well, I learned at Purdue. I have full control over what farms (the Patriots) order from, and I tell the chefs how to prepare it.”

Ted Harper

Team Sports Dietitian/Nutritionist for the New England Patriots (Nutrition ’08)

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