Faculty and Students working on global challenges.

PPRI aims to bring the talents of the university community to bear on global challenge issues, catalyzing new areas of research and enchancing the impact of that research.

Connected and Autonomous Transportation Vehicles (CATV)

Our transportation system will likely undergo major transformation in the coming decades as technology allows us to move people and freight in safer and more efficient ways.

Purdue Peace Project

University-based political violence prevention initiative that does peacebuilding work in areas threatened by such violence and conducts research to advance knowledge about political violence prevention at the local, community level.

Grand Challenges Research

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation supports a unique approach to global grand challenges research, scholarly publishing and communication at Purdue.

Data Science

PPRI, as part of Discovery Park, is working to identify specific areas where Purdue to lead a transdisciplinary effort in the ethical, societal, and policy implications in data science.

Contemporary Matters

Faculty, students, and staff focused on producing interdisciplinary, policy-relevant research on global grand challenges, especially in areas of strategic focus for Discovery Park.

Movements, Markets and Transnational Network

This Gates Foundation funded research is aimed at assisting to increase and improve resources for women’s organizations and movements as a channel for advancing women’s human rights, especially women’s social and economic rights.