Woodworking at the Bechtel Center is a combination of modern and traditional woodworking techniques, aided by tools and equipment to give the best possible result when making ideas into reality. Some projects can be completed using saws and simple hand tools, others use the gantry sheet router and more advanced woodworking designs and techniques. The type of machines you will use vary depending on what your project is and how you intend to make it.


Safety Note

Woodworking is a much more hands-on process depending on the type of project, tools used, etc. It is important to always keep in mind that the tools you are using are very sharp on purpose, to give you better control and a better cut. Carelessness is consequently extremely hazardous. While the Bechtel Center takes every precaution to ensure safety, we ask that you have respect for work going on and to be mindful of what you are doing at all times.