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Workshops at Bechtel Innovation Design Center give students the opportunity to practice and perfect machining skills that they can apply to academic or personal projects. Workshop projects include jewelry, chess pieces, and soldering activities. These workshops are open to anyone who wants to participate, and there is no training required.  For instructions on how to subscribe to our email list go here ListServ tutorial. To subscribe to the email for more information about upcoming workshops at the center, click here:
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Example Workshops

Hot Works

Simple Dorm Gadgets Workshop

This workshop allows students to create a simple dorm gadget (phone holder, napkin holder, etc) out of horseshoes and round stock, learning how to MIG weld and think outside of the box with metal working.


Wood Shop

Pine Derby Car Workshop

Students will learn about basic woodworking by crafting pinewood derby cars using a variety of machines.



Conway's Game of Life Workshop

This workshop teaches intermediate/advanced through-hole soldering by building a 4x4 LED Conway's Game of Life simulator kit. It will cover both practical soldering skills and a little bit of theory behind microcontrollers and cellular automata.


Soft Materials

Pajama Pants Workshop

This workshop gives students the opportunity to practice using sewing machines by making their own pair of pajama pants.


Metal Shop

Chess Piece Workshop

Making metal chess pieces with the provided CAD and CAM designs and guidance from students.