Fall Semester Newsletter

Christina M PerryNews

Dear Bechtel Innovation Design Center Community,  We hope this newsletter finds you well. In this edition, we are excited to share some significant updates and changes that have taken place in our system, as well as some upcoming events that you will not want to miss.  The Transition to Brightspace  One of the most notable recent changes in the Bechtel …

End of Semester Newsletter

Christina M PerryNews

New Operations Manager Dan Bollock We are extremely excited to announce that we have hired a second Operations Manager to begin the transition to support extended hours. I would like to introduce Dan Bollock who has joined our team at the Center. Dan received his BSME from Purdue many years ago. He comes to us from the Wood Research Laboratory …

What is Fusion 360?

Christina M PerryNews

Fusion 360 is an Autodesk product. Autodesk is a provider of CAD environments, namely, Fusion 360. One of the unique features of Fusion 360 is that it is an integrated CAD and CAM environment, meaning that they both are held in the same place. Another unique thing about Fusion 360 is that it is cloud-based, meaning that if you are …

Engine Dyno Mounts

Christina M PerryNews

Cole Cicora a peer mentor here at the center is helping student Nicola Fava to create Engine Dyno mounts for Purdue Formula SAE. He used the Flow Waterjet available here to cut 4130 steel for his project.

Aluminum Mold Making

Christina M PerryNews

Students use the facility at Bechtel center for various research projects, one such student from the school of chemical engineering used the VF4 CNC milling machine in the manufacturing lab to cut 5 cavity CNC machined aluminum molds. This dye will later be used to cast the test specimen of different polymer materials and will be used to perform mechanical …

Screw Making on CNC Lathe

Christina M PerryNews

Manufacturing a screw out of steel rod as a part of volunteering activity at the Bechtel Center. This activity provides an opportunity for students to interact with Haas Automation’s ST-20 CNC Lathe. The student needs to design the part on Autodesk Fusion 360 and manufacture the part on the lathe machine. This activity helps students to learn how to set …

Lightsaber Part Manual Mill

Christina M PerryNews

Today at the center Michael Kalenty manufactured a part for his lightsaber out of aluminum provided by Arconic , Michael has a plastic lightsaber handle, and wants to manufacture its metallic replica, he used the manual mill to cut out complex geometry with a precision of ten thou of an inch which was made possible with high precision Kennametal tools.

Manufacturing a hand plane tool

Christina M PerryNews

Adam Kures a master’s student at Purdue is fascinated with woodworking. He manufactured a hand plane tool that is used for smoothening the surface of the wood. He used a vertical drill and belt sander machines to manufacture his tool. Now he can use a tool of his own creation to shape wood and create amazing products!

CNC engraving on a steel block

Christina M PerryNews

Engraving a steel block as a part of volunteering activity at the Bechtel Center. This activity provides an opportunity for students to interact with Haas Automation’s VF-2 3-axis CNC milling machine & experience machining operations. It helps students learn how to set up the tools, place stock & see how the machine probes everything for size, faces the top & …

Advanced Manufacturing Skills at Bechtel Center

Zachary T RodimelNews

See students design, create and innovate at Bechtel Innovation Design Center and hear from Haas Automation about the students, skill sets and technologies that lead to success in advanced manufacturing careers.