Parking and Traffic

The committee shall make a continuing systematic review of parking and traffic needs and possible solutions in the light of the University growth, faculty and student needs, and campus beautification, including regulations for the control of parked vehicles and traffic flow. It shall recommend policies for parking and traffic movement. It shall advise the president on plans and regulations for parking and traffic movement.

Name Department BLDG Phone Term Ending
Eugene Yue-him Chan Consumer Science MTHW 2024
Patricia Davies Mechanical Engineering HERL 49274 2023
Joel Ebarb Parking & Traffic Chair, Design, Art, and Performance BRNG 40934 2024
Heather Howard Libraries KRAN 2024
Katherine Jarriel Honors College HCRN 2024
Amanda Ward Nursing HAMP 2025
Purdue Student Government Representatives
Name Term Ending
Joshua Ackerman PSG Rep, Management  2023
Michael Brown PSG Rep, Engineering  2023
Purdue Graduate Student Government Representative
Name Term Ending
TBD   2023
MaPSAC Representative
Name Title/Unit Term Ending
Nicole Finley Discovery Park Administration 2024
CSSAC Representative
Name Title/Unit Term Ending
Mark Lester Parking Facilities 2023
Name Title/Unit Term Ending
Larry Pherson Purdue University Retirees Association
Name Title/Unit Term Ending
Leslie Charters Director of Student Legal Services, ODOS N/A