The purpose of the committee shall be to set five-year goals to advance the sustainability of the university, guided by Purdue University’s Sustainability Strategic Plan including but not limited to reducing overall energy consumption and transitioning to greater utilization of clean and renewable sources of energy, determine measurable objectives for achieving these goals, and evaluate progress in meeting the objectives.

Name Title/Unit BLDG Phone Term End
Jonathan Bauchet Consumer Science, URPC Liaison MTHW 2023
Fabrício d'Almeida Management KRAN 2025
Sumon Datta Management KRAN 2025
Debra Hickman Comparative Pathobiology AHF 2025
Bruce Kingsbury PFW Representative, Biology SB 260-481-5755 2024
Bob Kramer PNW Representative SAB 2024
Ernesto Marinero Materials Engineering WANG 2025
Alice Pawley Sustainability Chair, Engineering Education ARMS 61209 2025
Vilas Pol Chemical Engineering FRNY 2023
Jon Rienstra-Kiracofe Sustainability Vice-Chair, Chemistry BRWN 2023
Leonid Rubchinsky IUPUI Representative, Mathematical Sciences 2024
Ann B. Weil URPC Liaison, Veterinary Clinical Services LYNN 66430 2024
Fu Zhao Mechanical Engineering ME 46637 2024
Zhiwei Zhu Management KRAN 2024
TBD CSSAC Representative 2023
TBD IUPUI Student Representative 2022
TBD MaPSAC Representative 2023
TBD PFW Student Representative 2022
TBD PNW Student Representative 2023
TBD PGSG Representative 2023
TBD PSG Representative 2023
TBD PSG Representative 2022
TBD PSG Representative 2023