University Resources Policy Committee

The University Resources Policy Committee is concerned with, but not limited, to, consideration of the following matters: planning optimal utilization of the physical facilities of the University, including buildings, the library, scientific and other equipment and educational aids; studies of staff needs, utilization, and planning; interdepartmental cooperation of improved facilities and staff utilization; and nonacademic planning, including architecture, landscaping, parking, and traffic.

Name Title/Unit BLDG Phone Term End
Evan Adam PSG Representative, Polytechnic 2023
Jonathan Bauchet School of Hospitality and Tourism Management MTHW 2023 (Sabbatical Jan-Dec 2022, replacement is Eugene Chan
Eugene Chan School of Hospitality and Tourism Management MTHW 2022 (Replacing Jonathan Bauchet Jan-Dec 2022)
Yingjie (Victor) Chen Computer Graphics Technology KNOY 41454 2024
Laura Claxton Department of Health & Kinesiology LAMB 2023
*Michael B. Cline Office of VP for Physical Facilities FREH 48000 2025
James Greenan Curriculum and Instruction BRNG 47314 2023

Lori A. Hoagland

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture HORT 41426 2024

Cara Kinnally

Languages and Cultures SC 2023
*Carl Krieger Residential Education HILL 41000 2025
John McConnell Management KRAN 45910 2023
Lin Nan Management RAWL 2023
Julio Ramirez Civil Engineering VOWN 42716 2025
Juan P. Sesmero Agricultural Economics KRAN 45910 2024
Tony J. Vyn Agronomy LILY 6357 2024
Ann B. Weil Veterinary Clinical Sciences LYNN 66430 2024
Yuan Yao University Resources Policy Committee Chair, Food Science NLSN 46317 2024
TBD PSG Representative 2023

Indicates Chair
Indicates Vice-Chair
*Indicates Advisor
**Indicates Ex-Officio (non-voting)