Scholastic Delinquencies and Readmissions

Students with denied readmission applications have the right to appeal decision to the chair. The chair of the CSDR reviews new and compelling information that would warrant review by full committee. The committee then has the authority to overturn prior denial for readmission. The CSDR also determines eligibility for Academic Renewal.

Name Department BLDG Phone Term End
Megan E. Dorton CHAIR, Senior Associate Director of Admissions SCHL 42595 N/A
Charles Krousgrill Nursing ME 45738 2024
Karen Marais Aeronautics and Astronautics ARMS 2025
Stephanie Masta (Zywicki) Curriculum and Instruction BRNG 2024
Robert L. Mate Vice Chair, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions SCHL 41263 N/A
Quinci Miller Senior Assistant Director of Admissions SCHL 2025
Kathryn Orvis Horticulture and Landscape Architecture LILY 48432 2025

Indicates Chair
Indicates Vice-Chair
*Indicates Advisor
**Indicates Ex-Officio (non-voting)