Academic Progress and Records

The committee shall be charged with:
  1. Matters concerning academic records and the calendar
  2. Reviewing grading standards and the process of tabulating and distributing information about grades within the University
  3. Overseeing the operation of probation and graduation requirements in the University
Name Department BLDG Phone Term End
Lesa Beals Office of the Registrar HOVD 46164 N/A
Zachary Black Office of Admissions SCHL N/A
Patricia Darbishire Pharmacy Practice RHPH 41380 2023
Zenephia Evans Associate Dean of Students SCHL 41760 N/A
Humaira Gowher Biochemistry BCHM 2023
Nicole Hands Computer and Information Technology KNOY 2025
Philip Mummert Mathematics MATH 2025
Haifeng Wang Aeronautics and Astronautics ARMS 44093 2024
Lei Wang APR Chair, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science ARMS 2024
Erika Wheeler PSG Representative, Exploratory  2023
TBD PSG Representative 2023

Indicates Chair
Indicates Vice-Chair
*Indicates Advisor
**Indicates Ex-Officio (non-voting)