Educational Policy Committee

The EPC is concerned with, but not limited to, consideration of the following matters: improvement of instruction, grades and grading, scholastic probation, dismissal for academic reasons and reinstatement, standards for admission, academic placement, the academic calendar, policies for scheduling classes, honors programs general educational policy, general research policies, military training programs, general curriculum standards, coordination of campus and extension curricula, general academic organization, and interdepartmental and inter-institutional research and education programs.


Name Title/Unit BLDG Phone Term End
Burton (Lee) Artz Regional Representattive, Communication and Creative Arts - PNW PORT 219-989-2988 2023
Thomas Brush Management KRAN 44441 2023
Todor Cooklev Electrical and Computer Engineering - Purdue Fort Wayne ET 260-481-0151 2023
Elli Didonna PSG Representative, PSG President Pro Tempore/Senator - Management 2023
Jeff Elliott* Executive Director, Undergraduate Advising YONG 2025
Nathan Engelberth** Director of Academic Advising ARMS 2024
Jennifer Freeman Health Sciences CIVL 41408 2023
Keith Gehres* Registrar HOVD 2025
Eric Kvam EPC Chair, Materials Engineering ARMS 44097 2024
Muhsin Menekse Associate Professor of Engr Ed/Curriculum and Instruction ARMS 2023

Erik Otárola-Castillo

Anthropology STON 42443 2023

Alice Pawley

Engineering Education ARMS 2023

John Pearson**

Senior Academic Advisor, Mechanical Engineering ME 45716 2023
Jenna Rickus* Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning HOVD 40615


Antônio Sá Barreto Mathematics MATH 41909 2024
Stephen Scott EPC Vice-Chair, Pharmacy Practice RHPH 41476 2025
John Sheffield Engineering Technology KNOY 67222 2023
Thomas Siegmund Mechanical Engineering ME 69766 2023
Jeff Stefancic* Associate Dean of Students SCHL 2025
Howard Sypher Communication BRNG 42127 2025

Jeffrey X. Watt

Mathematics - IUPUI LD 317-274-4070 2024
Izzy Weber PSG Vice President/Representative 2023
TBD PGSG Representative 2023
TBD 2023

Indicates Chair
Indicates Vice-Chair
*Indicates Advisor
**Indicates Ex-Officio (non-voting)