Undergraduate Curriculum Council

The Undergraduate Curriculum Council (UCC) is charged with the administration and oversight of the undergraduate outcomes-based core curriculum. The UCC determines and oversees the operational guidelines associated with implementation elements of the core curriculum including approval of foundational courses, establishment of guiding rules for the approval, regulation, and monitoring of foundational outcome courses, resolution of issues related to transfer students, and the review of foundational and embedded outcomes.

Voting Members
Name Title/Unit BLDG Phone Term End
George Adams Science LWSN 2024
Jasmine Begeske Education BRNG 2026
Françoise Brosseau-Lapré Health & Human Sciences LYLE 2025
Chad Brown UCC Chair (2023-24), Veterinary Medicine LYNN 2026
Clark Cory Purdue Polytechnic Institute KNOY 48730 2024
Harry Denny Liberal Arts HEAV 2024
Jeneen Fields College of Ag LILY 2025
Ashima Krishna Honors College HCRN 2024
Karen Marais Immediate Past Chair, Engineering ARMS 2025
Clarence Maybee Libraries STEW 47603 2024
Rodolfo Pinal Pharmacy RHPH 66247 2025
Andres Vargas UCC Chair Elect, Economics KRAN 2025
Non-Voting Members
Name Title/Unit BLDG Phone Term
Nurgul Aitalieva PFW, Public Administration NF 260-481-6352 2024
Morgan Conrad PSG Rep - PSG Representative, Nutrition Science 2024
Catherine Golden Provost Office  HOVD N/A
Britain Hamm College of Liberal Arts Advising YONG 2025
Pamela Jenkins Registrar's Office HOVD 48201 N/A
Se'Andra Johnson Office of the Provost (Recorder) HOVD 46398 N/A
Ryan C. Jones Registrar's Office HOVD 46276 N/A
Jaime Keyster College of Science Advising MATH 41771 2025
Sharon Morphew Registrar's Office HOVD 44166 N/A
Dani Parsons

Honors College Advising

HCRN 2024
Irene Scudder PSG Rep - PSG Representative, Education 2024
Heather Servaty-Seib Interim Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning HOVD 40615 N/A
Kim Watley Registrar's Office HOVD N/A
Jeff Watt IUPUI Representative - Mathematics Education MATH 2025
Anne Weiss Assistant Director of Assessment, IDA+A YONG N/A
Daniel S. Wilbur PNW, Communication and Creative Arts TECH 219-785-5472 2024
TBD EPC Liaison