Finding Summer Opportunities

Students spend their summers in various ways leading up to their applications and eventual start in professional school. You will need to decide which path is best for you out of the many options you have.

  • Summer study abroad
  • Summer classes
  • Internships or co-ops
  • Summer jobs (on or off campus)
  • Volunteer work
  • Shadowing
  • Summer research
  • Or even some combination of these

You do need to plan ahead for your opportunities. Many internships and research opportunities can fill up during the fall semester for the following summer. Others have applications due in February. If your professional school application is due in the same summer as you will be traveling out of the country, you may need to do some advance planning for the costs and for communication needs. We are happy to help you think ahead about these things.

We will keep adding to this section as we learn of opportunities. Also watch our Pre-Professional Advising monthly e-news (sign up here), campus bulletin boards, e-boards, and departmental newsletters for additional opportunities.

Summer pre-health opportunities abound. With the help of websites at other schools, we have created a Purdue pre-professional advising list of summer opportunity links to help you search for summer options that might be just what you are looking for.
While not just a summer option, the White House Internship program does have a summer term option. Since this is an unpaid internship, this may be a more affordable time for some people to consider this option. White House Internship Program.
Look for local, state and national pre-law volunteer and internship opportunities on this list of links. Be sure to sign up for our PPA newsletter and watch your departmental newsletter, talk to your academic advisor and faculty, and watch bulletin boards for additional opportunities.