Audiology & Speech Language Pathology

Treating clients of all ages, audiologists are experts in the identification, treatment, and management of disorders of the auditory and balance systems. They provide rehabilitative services; assess and educate individuals about sound amplification devices, their use, and care; and work to prevent hearing loss. In providing care, audiologists treat hearing and balance disorders; work with advanced technologies including cochlear implants; develop and implement prevention, screening, and early detection programs; recommend hearing protection in industrial, military, travel, music, and other settings; and provide treatment to enable individuals to communicate effectively. PPA Career Guide coming soon. Please check back.
Speech Language Pathologists help people of all ages with speech, language, hearing, feeding, and swallowing disorders. They evaluate and treat problems related to speech sound production, comprehension and production of language, voice, stuttering, swallowing, orofacial anomalies, communication modalities, and hearing. They also provide counseling, education, vocational guidance and rehabilitation, and conduct research related to speech disorders. They work in schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, nursing homes, government agencies, private practice, and research laboratories. PPA Career Guide coming soon. Please check back.