Preparing for Interviews

So tell me about yourself...

Interviews offer professional schools a chance to discover how well you fit their program. They can judge your communication skills and get a sense of whether they would like to have you as a colleague.

You want to prepare for your interviews--not just wing-it. We can help.

We recommend that you start your interview prep by starting online.

The Center for Career Opportunities has a system called Big Interview.

  • Create an account on Big Interview
  • You can choose practice, then Admissions Interview--Medical School will probably be the closest choice for all the health professions, but you can also look at the graduate school questions.
  • If you have a webcam, you can record yourself answering questions. This is useful so that you can see any mannerisms you might not be aware of. Even without the webcam, you can have "someone" on the system ask you questions and get tips on how to answer.
  • Then move to the next step (once you have an actual interview scheduled) of making an appointment for a mock interview.



After practicing with Big Interview and if you have an interview scheduled

  • Log into BoilerConnect
  • Care Unit: Career/Pre-Professional Advising
  • Location: CCO/Pre-Professional Advising
  • Service: Healthcare Mock Interview
  • Advisor Selection: Cheryl Alcock
  • Select Time: 60 minute appointments--This will be a virtual appointment due to COVID risks
  • In the notes explain what you are interviewing for, Cheryl tailors the interview to your interests (examples: medical school, physician assistant, veterinary school, etc)
    • Dress in interview attire for the mock interview unless you are coming directly from lab where that would not be practical.
    • Follow the instructions emailed to you by Cheryl for the meeting.
    • Be prepared to answer questions regarding why you want to go into your chosen field, your clinical, healthcare experiences, and meaningful campus or community activities.

Email a pre-professional advisor to request resources for interviews. We have lists of practice questions including:

  • General Health Program Interview Questions (4 pages of them)
  • Vet Interview Questions
  • Behavioral Interview Questions (Tell me about a time when...)
  • Dental Interview Questions
  • Optometry Interview Questions
  • Physician Assistant Interview Questions
  • PT/OT Interview Questions
  • MD/PhD Interview Questions
  • MMI Interview Questions
  • Questions to ask schools
  • Brainstorming your interviews
  • Prep Tips & more!
Because of the health risks presented by COVID-19, many schools will be hosting online interviews this year rather than in-person interviews. We have collected some handy tips for presenting yourself in the most professional way in this new online format.
Helpful tips from the American Dental Education Association (ADEA). Many dental schools will hold virtual interviews this year because of COVID risks. The ADEA prepared these tips to help you prepare for your virtual interviews. Their actual Do's and Don'ts PDF is available on the right side of the page.

As you prepare for your interviews, it is a smart idea to keep up with health news and with hot topics in the news in general. Our Health News Resources provides you some ideas for finding health news in your field and the latest news about health issues.
Keep up with the latest news on applying to law schools and jurisprudence. Our Law News Resources will help you start finding great resources to stay informed.