Preparing for Interviews

So tell me about yourself...

Interviews offer professional schools a chance to discover how well you fit their program. They can judge your communication skills and get a sense of whether they would like to have you as a colleague.

You want to prepare for your interviews--not just wing-it. We can help.

We recommend that you start your interview prep by starting online. This provides a number of benefits to you. First, most professional schools are still offering online interviews. Second, you have access to this practice 24/7. Third, it allows you to watch yourself. Being able to evaluate your own performance is a critical tool in improving your interview performance. Fourth, many schools are using CASPer or Kira in combination with their interviews. These products involve an online interview component.

The Center for Career Opportunities has a system called Big Interview.

Starting Point
  • Create an account on Big Interview (upper right corner). This is free to you as a Purdue student.
  • Choose Practice in the top navigation bar
  • Then Admissions
  • Within the Admissions tab you can then choose Medical School, Dental School, Optometry School, or Veterinary School or Graduate School. (They are all fairly similar as most schools ask basic questions. Our office can email you more specialized questions upon request.)
  • If you have a webcam, use it to record yourself. Only you will see this unless you choose to share it with others.
  • It is very useful to watch yourself to see any mannerisms you might not be aware of.
  • You can practice any given question as often as you want.
  • You can also choose to do specialty questions such as those in the By Competency section which brings up questions in areas such as Organizational Skills, Communication Skills, Calm Under Pressure, and a number of other key areas.
Specialty Areas
  • Pre-Professional Advising has added some field specific interview questions for some specific fields.
  • Go to the Custom Sets button on the left side and then scroll through the options and look for your field
  • If you record yourself, spend time taking a critical look at your performance. Did you maintain eye contact? How was your posture? Did you seem engaged throughout? Use our Interview Self-Assessment to evaluate yourself.
  • If you will be having an online interview, also think critically about what you are wearing, your lighting, and the back-drop for your interview.
  • Want additional lists of questions specific to your field? Email and request a list of interview questions for your field.



After practicing with Big Interview (see previous drop-down section), you may have found that you struggled with answering particular questions. PPA advisors can help you with that.

  • Complete interview practice on Big Interview and record yourself.
  • Email and request an Interview Debrief appointment
  • You will be assigned an advisor and will need to email a link to your Big Interview recording to go over those questions with which you struggled.

Email a pre-professional advisor or to request resources for interviews. We have lists of practice questions including:

  • General Health Program Interview Questions (4 pages of them)
  • Vet Interview Questions
  • Behavioral Interview Questions (Tell me about a time when...)
  • Dental Interview Questions
  • Optometry Interview Questions
  • Physician Assistant Interview Questions
  • PT/OT Interview Questions
  • MD/PhD Interview Questions
  • MMI Interview Questions
  • Questions to ask schools
  • Brainstorming your interviews
  • Prep Tips & more!
Because of the health risks presented by COVID-19, many schools will be hosting online interviews this year rather than in-person interviews. We have collected some handy tips for presenting yourself in the most professional way in this new online format.
Helpful tips from the American Dental Education Association (ADEA). Many dental schools will hold virtual interviews this year because of COVID risks. The ADEA prepared these tips to help you prepare for your virtual interviews. Their actual Do's and Don'ts PDF is available on the right side of the page.

As you prepare for your interviews, it is a smart idea to keep up with health news and with hot topics in the news in general. Our Health News Resources provides you some ideas for finding health news in your field and the latest news about health issues.
Keep up with the latest news on applying to law schools and jurisprudence. Our Law News Resources will help you start finding great resources to stay informed.