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The Orientation Programs Office strives to introduce and connect all new undergraduate students to Purdue University through student and staff led academic and social programming both on campus and virtual to prepare them for their Purdue experience. This experience would not be possible without the leadership, dedication, and passion of our student leaders. Each year, we recognize the amazing Team Leaders and Team Supervisors for their contributions to Boiler Gold Rush and Orientation Programs. Our awards are designed to reward outstanding accomplishments through adversity, positivity and passion towards Boiler Gold Rush, and superior leadership.

Kasi Jones Memorial Scholarship

The Kasi Jones Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Boiler Gold Rush student leaders who maintained a good attitude and energy while overcoming adversity and hardship during the week of BGR. The Kasi Jones Memorial Scholarship is dedicated to the Director of Orientation Programs from 2008 to 2018 who passed away from colon cancer in 2018. Her positivity and optimism throughout her role and during her battle with cancer was infectious and she was loved by all who knew her.

The 2023 Kasi Jones Memorial Scholarship recipients were Atin Dewan, Brynn Oros, Cole Eckert, and Genevieve Cordes.

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Kasi Jones was the Director of Orientation Programs at Purdue University from 2008 to 2018. Coordinating the direction of all orientation programs, STAR, Virtual STAR, Boiler Gold Rush, and Boiler Gold Rush International, Kasi is estimated to have had direct influence on welcoming over 50,000 Boilermakers to Purdue in her tenure. She took pride in her passion: motivating and encouraging college students to succeed in school, leadership, and life. A majority of this took place in her close interactions with the Student Orientation Committee and Team Supervisors. During the week of Boiler Gold Rush, she could be seen driving her overwhelmingly pink decorated golf cart, rocking her green pants, and searching for the best Team Leader beacons. Kasi was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in April 2016 and began treatment for the disease soon after. Her positivity and optimism during this time was infectious for those that knew what she was battling. However, many did not understand the magnitude of her situation. She did not let cancer define her actions or her attitude and continued to keep only those close to her in-the-know about her fight against colon cancer. Kasi passed away in July 2018. Later that fall, an endowment was created in her name to recognize BGR staff members who overcame adversity through difficult circumstances, but still maintained a great attitude and energy during BGR and BGRi despite this hardship. 2019 was the inaugural year of this monetary award.

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2023: Atin Dewan, Brynn Oros, Cole Eckert, and Genevieve Cordes

2022: Robin Bell, Wil Courtney, Mark Kosmerl, Heather Sledzinski, and Emelia Webster

2021: Daniel Geehreng, Layne Harbourt, Kenny Mayberry, Kelly Penrose, and Nicole Stepp

2020: Kyle Janis and Yuvraj Mundhra

2019: Allie Goelz, Korrissa Lambert, Amanda Mudd, and Meredith Robbins

Roger Sharritt Award

The Roger Sharritt Award is awarded to the most outstanding Team Supervisor of BGR who served as an exceptional mentor, inclusive leader, positive supporter, and embodiment of Purdue University and Orientation Programs. The Roger Sharritt Award is dedicated to the former manager of Cary Quadrangle who helped create the first Welcome Week at Purdue.

The 2023 Roger Sharritt Award winner was Emily Helmuth.

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In 1993, Roger Sharritt, former manager at Cary Quadrangle, worked with university leadership to help incoming students make personal, academic, and social transitions from high school to college. As a result, CORN (Collegians Orientating Residential Newcomers) Camp was created and later rebranded to Boiler Gold Rush, establishing a tradition of making new Boilermakers feel at home at Purdue. After his departure from the university, the "Roger Sharritt Award" was created to recognize the most outstanding Team Supervisor for BGR as voted by their peers. This Team Supervisor is a true representation of their Team Supervisor class and represents the same qualities that started the program over 25 years ago. This Team Supervisor embodies the spirit of Purdue University and Orientation Programs, serving as an exceptional mentor and supporter throughout the year by being inclusive, positive, supportive, and maintaining the spirit of Freezone for themselves and others.

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2023 - Emily Helmuth

2022 - Karl Sidhwa

2021 – Garrett Price

2020 – Kathryn Lux

2019 – Vijay Udayamohan

2018 – Julia Conversa

2017 – Tyler Damm

2016 – Megan Bock

2015 – Daniel Shyu

2014 – Quinton Nannet

2013 – Bridget Coverick

2012 – Ross Cornelissen

2011 – Andrew Golden

2010 – Aneesh Ramaswamy

2009 – Steve McCrea

2008 – Josh Wierzba

2007 – Kristina Lunger

2006 – Corey Friedman

2005 – Jon Smith

2004 – Kate Barzan

2003 – Erin Clark

2002 – Patrick Weber

2001 – Willis Weirich

2000 – Brian Coogan

1999 – Adam Smith

1998 – Janel Crosier

1997 – Shandol Swalley

1996 – Jason McIntosh

1995 – Hoa Do

MVP Team Supervisor

This award goes out to one Team Supervisor per Hall Team who has demonstrated extraordinary skills as a mentor. Award recipients have gone above and beyond what is required of them not just during the week of BGR but also throughout the entirety of the Team Supervisor experience. They are the most valuable players in their Hall Team.

A hall team is a collection of residence halls which students are sorted into for the week of BGR. These groups include both on- and off-campus students.

The 2023 Recipients of the MVP Team Supervisor are:


Hayley Matlon


Evan Senall


Ethan York


Emma Kruyer


April Lanka

MVP Team Leader & Team Leader International

This award goes out to one Team Leader per Hall Team who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for BGR. They exemplify hard work, dedication, and the mission of Orientation Programs. Not only were they there for their new students, but also BGR staff members throughout the week. They are the most valuable players in their Hall Team.

The 2023 Recipients of the MVP Team Leader are:


Gordon Finnegan


Robin Bell


Rachel Clark


Teagan Drumm


Alicia Ader

The 2023 Recipients of the MVP Team Leader International are:


Daniel Capobianco


Marina San Martin Rossano


Mia Rodriguez


George Lukman


Ram Goyal

Most Spirited Team Leader & Team Leader International

This award goes out to one Team Leader per Hall Team who has demonstrated a great amount of spirit for Purdue University, Boiler Gold Rush International, and Boiler Gold Rush. They exemplify positivity, joy, and passion not just for this program, but for Purdue University as well.

The 2023 recipients of the Most Spirited Team Leader are:


Josh Miller


Matthew Majeski


Dillon Klee


Mark Rapp


Thomas Wilson

The 2023 recipients of the Most Spirited Team Leader International are:


Sarah Shivakumar


Pranav Nag


Stephen Wong


Dorothy Pirosch


CJ Denault

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