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Purdue University's online Doctor of Technology program empowers professionals to excel in technology-related fields. This program focuses on contemporary applied research techniques, with two concentrations to choose from: Interdisciplinary and Construction Management Technology. Develop skills in applied research, technology assessment, and effective communication, enhancing your tech leadership career. Join us for Purdue's innovative online Doctor of Technology program.

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Tackle complex technology challenges and advance your career in technology leadership.

Acquire advanced skills in technology-related fields with Purdue University’s Doctor of Technology program. Designed for professionals who have a master’s degree or equivalent, this 100% online program empowers you to solve complex technology-related problems in business, government, NGOs and entrepreneurship. Our curriculum emphasizes contemporary applied research techniques, enabling you to accelerate your career and contribute to enterprise performance, efficiency and sustainability. You’ll complete a dissertation focusing on applied/use-inspired research directly relevant to professional practice.

Customize your Doctor of Technology by choosing from two concentrations: Interdisciplinary or Construction Management Technology. The Interdisciplinary concentration offers a diverse range of elective courses to align with your career goals, while the Construction Management Technology concentration provides comprehensive knowledge in construction industry management, technology, and safety. Learning objectives include conducting applied research, analyzing technology-related programs, and functioning at a high level in technology disciplines. Elevate your expertise with Purdue’s innovative online D. Tech. program.

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Cost per credit hour (In-State Residents)
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Program Specifics

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Purdue University’s online Doctor of Technology program is tailored for master’s degree holders, offering advanced tech skills. Accelerate your career with a focus on applied research, addressing real-world challenges in business, government, NGOs, and entrepreneurship, culminating in a relevant dissertation.

Core Courses

Concentrations: Interdisciplinary and Construction Management Technology

Customize your Doctor of Technology by choosing from two concentrations: Interdisciplinary and Construction Management Technology

Interdisciplinary: Purdue’s interdisciplinary concentration allows students to take diverse elective courses (24 hours required) in areas like Technology Leadership, Computer & Information Technology, and specialized doctorate electives to align with their career goals.

Construction Management: The Construction Management Technology concentration enhances construction professionals’ expertise with 12 specialized credit hours, covering financial analysis, strategic planning, leadership, and legal aspects for success in the industry.

  • Digital Leadership
  • Technology Research & Use of Data Analytics
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Leadership of CyberSecurity & CyberForensics
  • Global Perspectives on Emerging Technologies
  • Demographic Leadership
  • Analysis of Research.

Working at Desk

$1,050 per credit hour (In-State Residents)
$1,250 per credit hour (Out-of-State Residents)

90 total credit hours

Domestic students and permanent residents may qualify for the following types of financial aid:

Career Outcomes

Unique Job Postings
projected growth
Median Advertised salaries

Top Job Titles

  • Analog Design Engineers
  • Engineers
  • Engineering Technologists
  • Engineering Technicians
  • Electronics Technicians

Top Industries

  • Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools.

Source: LightcastTM (2023). Unique job postings for July 2022-2023. Projected growth for years 2023-2033.

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