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Building on Purdue University’s historic land-grant mission, our online programs are designed to make a high-quality Purdue education as accessible and affordable as possible.

By providing the same training and same degrees offered on Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus in a fully online format, we aim to meet the continuing educational needs of our professional students, regardless of where they are in their careers.

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In the United States, academic institutions and programs use accreditation to ensure that they are meeting established standards of educational quality. Accreditation is a voluntary process of self-reflection and peer review that helps institutions to identify opportunities and challenges throughout the university. 

Purdue University’s online partnerships team oversees the collaboration and partnership of corporate education opportunities through market insights and academic innovation. We work to create lasting dynamic relations with corporations, faculty, staff and learners. Additionally, we partner with trusted and proven organizations to provide a variety of accessible and innovative online programs.

The distinguished executive leadership team driving Purdue University’s online programs brings the online experience to new heights. Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in online education, a commitment to academic excellence and a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of online education. Our leadership team is shaping the future of Purdue University’s online programs. 

What we offer: 

Purdue University’s online programs provide a unique opportunity to access internationally recognized Purdue West Lafayette faculty while pursuing the same rigorous, accredited degrees available through in-person programs. Tailored for working professionals who are striving to accelerate their career, these best-in-class online programs offer the high-value, quality education Purdue is renowned for, with the convenience of learning from anywhere in the world.