Purdue Latino Alumni Organization (PLAO)

The Purdue Latino Alumni Organization (PLAO) was founded on October 15, 2004 and works to enhance the connection between Purdue University, students and alumni that share an interest in Hispanic/Latinx heritage and culture. The purpose of the Purdue Latino Alumni Organization (PLAO) is to support Purdue University and the Purdue Alumni Association by bringing together Purdue University alumni, friends, and interested parties who share an interest in Hispanic/Latinx heritage and cultures.

For information on the Purdue Latino Alumni Organization, please contact Carina Olaru at colaru@purdue.edu. The official PLAO website is currently under construction. 

To learn more about alumni membership, visit the Purdue Alumni website.

Latinx Almuni are invited to learn more about PLAO and how to become a member at a virtual meeting held on November 7th, 4PM EDT. Please contact Carina Olaru at colaru@purdue.edu for meeting information. 

If you would like to be contacted about more information regarding PLAO and/or supporting Latinx students via the Latino Cultural Center, please fill out this survey