Conexiones Student Retreat

SATURDAY, AUGUST 29TH, 2020, 11AM-2:45PM

The Purdue University Latino Cultural Center and the Laitnx Student Union invite ALL Purdue University students to participate in a day in which we will build community.

Purdue University staff and community leaders will lead concurrent workshops on topics related to mental health, student success, financial literacy identity development, and civic engagement. Students will engage in meaningful dialogue while connecting to one another, to the LCC, and to resources on campus and in the community. Students will also have the opportunity to network at the Latinx Student Council (LSC) Resource Fair.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Registration, location and workshop sessions about 2020 Conexiones to come! 


2019 Agenda

10:00AM-11:00AM               Check-In 

11:00AM-11:15AM               Welcome

11:20AM-12:20PM               Breakout Session I

12:25PM-1:10PM                 Networking Lunch and Resource Fair 

1:20PM-2:20PM                   Breakout Session II

2:25PM-2:45PM                   Closing and Reflection

2019 Session I Workshops

Facilitator: Araceli Diaz, Chicago School of Professional Psychology

The Latinx community has a number of psychological strengths that have enabled us to survive and thrive throughout historical colonization and modern day oppression. In a time that demands so much of our physical and intellectual labor, taking the time to self-care is an act of resistance that ultimately has the power to heal our communities from the inside out. In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to practice four different self-care strategies ranging from journaling to making their own herbal mixes for teas and baths. 

Facilitator: Reyna Ortiz, Community Organizor Based Out of Chicago

There are many systems that confine, bind and bury our identities. This workshop will provide students with an opportunity to start their journey of deep self-reflection to help make the connection to find and understand one’s truest self.


Facilitator: Carol Ben-Davies, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the College of Health and Human Services

Learn how to discover and leverage your strengths so that you can increase success in your college journey and beyond.

Facilitators: Amruta Inamdar and Veronica Rahim, Consultants at the Center for Career Opportunities

This interactive workshop will integrate discussions of networking – debunking myths, working definitions, practical strategies, and inclusive language – within the context of intersectionality, privilege and access. Recognizing who you are as a professional will help you market yourself to professional audiences more effectively. At the end of this workshop, participants will have a better understanding and solid examples of an elevator pitch and their core characteristics to share with the world.

2019 Session II Workshops

Facilitators: Nancy Casas Muñoz and Ashley Rivera, Advisors at the College of Liberal Arts

This workshop will discuss what kind of questions you should ask your advisor—or information you need to tell your advisor about yourself. Perhaps it’s asking about the opportunities you’re looking for and what goals you’re trying to accomplish while you’re at Purdue. Or maybe it is about being pointed to resources. We will talk about how your advisor is not just to get a pin number from for registration and go, but also how they are there to help facilitate and navigate Purdue/College Life.

Facilitators: Allison Maldonado-Ruiz (Student Affairs Specialist; Student Activities and Organizations) and Stephanie N. Cuevas (Student Affairs Specialist; Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities)

Most of us are familiar with the idea of feeling like you do not belong somewhere - we typically feel this way in new environments like jobs or internships, but did you know sometimes we feel this way within our own ethnicity and race? Join us as we discuss the cultural concept of impostor syndrome.


Facilitator: Charles Vergara, Financial Advisor at Security Federal Investment Services

Charlie will share expert advice on saving strategies, loans and borrowing, along with renting vs. buying homes. He will share critical information regarding retirement plans, Roth IRA’s vs. traditional, benefit plans as well as investments, and how to prepare to live comfortably after graduation.

Facilitator: Joe Ybarra, Residence Education Coordinator at Purdue Residence Life

From childhood and going into the teenage years, we have learned that LatinX men are expected to be strong, dominant, and promiscuous. Going into higher education, the concept of machismo can be an Achilles heel and can put us (and our long-term aspirations) in danger. Join us as we challenge ideas instilled from childhood, identify problem behaviors, and discuss how we can support each other in this already difficult time of transition.