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iClicker is a classroom response system that allows instructors to capture student participation and poll responses. May be used with pre-selected or ad-hoc questions.

If you interested in learning how to use iClicker, please check out the resources below, or you can email to request a consultation.

Important Notes

Purdue University DOES NOT currently support REEF Polling as the software is undergoing IT security review. Students purchasing an iClicker/REEF Polling combo SHOULD NOT activate their REEF Polling code until the software is supported by Purdue.

Instructor iClickers and the iClicker software is provided at NO COST to faculty and instructors during training.  Instructor iClickers are to be returned to TLT when the user leaves Purdue, or no longer wishes to use iClickers in class.

Instructors should inform students that iClickers are to be registered within Brightspace. This associates a student with a specific iClicker so responses may be accurately captured. Registering the iClicker on the iClicker website will not tie the device to a student's record in Brightspace.