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Scholarship of Online Teaching and Learning Award

Apply – through February 7, 2022 Preview Application


This award recognizes Purdue system wide faculty and staff members for their exceptional scholarly contributions leading to the advancement and understanding of impact on teaching and/or learning. In particular, research on the discovery, implementation, and/or evaluation of programs, technologies, methodologies, strategies, or applications to teaching and learning will be the focus of this award.


The award is open to current faculty and staff members (individuals or a team) at all campuses within the Purdue University system. All levels of tenure track, clinical faculty, adjuncts and graduate staff should be considered. In the event two or more individuals are nominated for an award as a team, the award will be divided equally among the recipients. At least one of the nominees for each award must be a current faculty or staff member at Purdue.


A activity comprises an organized set of instructional objectives, content, and processes designed to be presented to learners who are separated (in space or time) from the instructor or from traditional on-campus classrooms. Examples of learning activities include, but are not limited to, credit courses, short courses, workshops, and seminars. Scholarly contributions include but are not limited to publications and presentations based on the evaluation of programs, technologies, strategies and/or applications.

Nomination Criteria

To quality for an award for excellence in scholarship, a faculty or staff member must have published or presented high quality research in the area. Quality of the research will be rated based on the following rubric.

Evaluation Rubric

Contribution to the Field

3 - Outstanding: Groundbreaking research in terms of theory, practice, or both and clear evidence of innovation .
2- Good: A significant contribution but not exceptional and some innovation.
1 - Average: A nice but incremental extension of previous work and/or no innovation.


3 - Outstanding: Evidence of extensive use by others in the discipline
2- Good: Evidence of use by others .
1 - Average: Limited evidence of use by others .

Significance of Scholarship

3 - Outstanding: Addresses an important issue, provides new insight / understanding.
2- Good: Addresses an important issue, but tends to confirm existing ideas and understandings.
1 - Average: Contributes new ideas / understandings, but does not address a major area of importance.

Evidence of Quality Work

3 - Outstanding: Peer-reviewed, high quality journal / book
2- Good: Peer-reviewed, quality journal, book, presentation
1 - Average: Peer-reviewed, journal, book, presentation

*Adapted from the Purdue University "College of Education Dean's Award for Outstanding Faculty Scholarship" document.

Award Recipients

Cash award of $2,500 (applicable taxes will be deducted). Certificates of recognition, suitable for framing, will also be presented to the recipients. The awards will be presented at the Provost’s Faculty Awards Convocation.

Previous Recipients:


Natasha Watkins, Clinical Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, West Lafayette, Heather Fedesco, Assistant Director and Senior Lecturer, Human and Organizational Development, Vanderbilt University, and Mary Marshall, Assistant Professor, Gerontology, California State University Long Beach, for the publication “Student perceptions and performance in fully online versus flipped diversity courses: Is there too much distance in distance learning?”


Emily Hixon, director of the Center for Faculty Development and Leadership and professor of education, Purdue University Northwest; Casimir Barczyk, professor emeritus of human resource management, Purdue University Northwest; Janet Buckenmeyer, dean of the Bayh College of Education, Indiana State University; and Penny Ralston-Berg, senior research instructional designer at Penn State World Campus


Dr. Jennifer Richardson, College of Education