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Innovative Online Course Design and Use of Technology

Apply – through February 7, 2022 Preview Application


To recognize faculty and/or staff members who demonstrate excellence in the development or teaching of a activity (course, workshop, or seminar). This award is intended to recognize accomplishment in innovation and use of technology in media.


The award is open to faculty and staff members (individuals or a team) at all campuses within the Purdue University system. In the event two or more individuals are nominated for an award as a team, the award will be divided equally among the recipients. At least one of the nominees for each award must be a current faculty or staff member at Purdue. The related accomplishment or activity must have been offered or conducted within the previous two years.


A activity comprises an organized set of instructional objectives, content, and processes designed to be presented to learners who are separated (in space or time) from the instructor or from traditional on-campus classrooms. Examples of learning activities include, but are not limited to, credit courses, short courses, workshops, and seminars.

Nomination Criteria

To qualify for this award for excellence in innovation a faculty or staff member must have developed or taught an innovative component of a credit or noncredit activity (or collection of activities) that clearly demonstrates each of the following:

  • A well-designed approach to instruction involving innovation and/or a creative use of technology
  • Effective application of the innovation which enhanced student learning
  • Positive impact on the clientele served, as reflected by program evaluations (formative and summative) or other appropriate measures of impact

Evaluation Rubric

Applicant Background Information

Possible Expectations: Information requested in this section is complete
Scoring: Yes/No

Well-designed approach to instruction involving innovation and/or creative use of technology

Impact Areas: Innovation
Possible Expectations:

  • Description of innovation and/or creative use of technology
  • Reasoning for using this technology and/or instructional approach

Scoring: 20 points

Impact Areas: Technology/Resources
Possible Expectations:

  • Creative and innovative learning activities
  • Affordability or obtainability of the technology (e.g., do students need to obtain extra technology to use the design?)
  • Sustainability of the technology (e.g. how easy it is to revise the design?)

Scoring: 20 points

Positive impact on the clientele served

Impact Areas: Student Feedback
Possible Expectations: Quantitative Data from course evaluations

  • Course development and delivery
  • Interaction with instructors and classmates
  • Feedback from instructor
  • Responsiveness of the instructor
  • Available resources/Learner support

Scoring: 20 points


Impact Areas: Department support
Possible Expectations: Letters of recommendation from Dean, Department Head and/or colleagues
Scoring: Yes/No

Award Recipients

Cash award of $2,500 (applicable taxes will be deducted). Certificates of recognition, suitable for framing, will also be presented to the recipients. The awards will be presented at the Provost’s Faculty Awards Convocation.

Previous Recipients:


Ali El Gamal, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, West Lafayette, and Tuhin Dey, Senior Instructional Designer, Teaching and Learning Technologies, West Lafayette: ECE 59500 Introduction to Deep Learning


Kharon Grimmet and Angela Holtsclaw, Educational Studies, Education, EDPS 56600: Clinical Practice II (Student Teaching Experience) and EDPS 56010: Clinical Practice II (Student Teaching)


William Watson, associate professor of curriculum and instruction, West Lafayette, and Holly Fiock, instructional designer in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, West Lafayette


John LaMaster, Mathematical Sciences, IPFW


Atsushi Fukada and Mayo Miyamoto, JPNS 101-202