Upcoming Training Events

Please see below for description and registration information regarding upcoming training events. Most of the registration links below take you to our new Training Database. For instructions on how to use the database, please click here

Roadway Safety Audit WEBINAR (8/13, 1-2 PM ET)

In this webinar, we will cover what comprises a Road Safety Audit (RSA), the benefits of an RSA, how an RSA can lead to funding opportunities, and how to conduct an RSA. This webinar is suitable for all local government personnel, public agencies, consultants, planners, elected officials, and anyone else interested in improving the safety of roadways.

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Our Unique Opportunity to Improve Road Safety WEBINAR (8/27, 1 PM ET)

All of us are in positions where we can influence road safety for the good. We will discuss having a focused perspective about safety on the roads in our jurisdiction, getting data in front of us, and some thoughts on how to use the data. Finally, we will survey some effective countermeasures that the data might suggest. Throughout this webinar, we all will gain a greater awareness of the depth of the problem, and how each of us, in the place we sit, have a unique opportunity to improve road safety in our communities for our friends and neighbors.

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Local Transportation Asset Management Conference (10/20-21)

This conference will replace the long standing County Bridge Conference that we have been putting on for a number of years. Our goal is to maintain a lot of the valuable bridge training and sessions we have had and add other sessions that are relevant to other assets in a local transportation infrastructure. We plan on having sessions on bridge, pavements, and equipment and fleets. We also plan to have sessions on asset management, network level analysis, reducing life cycle costs, and data collection tools and resources. The value of the conference is up to getting the right information and right topics in front of you.

Registration coming late summer.