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How Enhanced Pavement Markings Can Save You Money AND Save Lives - Webinar (April 21st 2021 1pm-2pm EDT) 

Topics include: 
  • Brief Overview of History of 3M in this market
  • Today’s Practices (Paint, thermo, epoxy, tape)
  • Where the state is heading and the country is heading, in terms of markings
  • Safety benefits of wet reflectivity/brighter sheeting
  • Durability benefits of higher grade sheeting and Durable PM’s
  • Grooving
  • Open Discussion

Speaker Bio: Andrew Meeks is 3M’s Government Transportation Safety Specialist for the Transportation Safety Division.  He has been in the industry for 8 years and been here in Indiana for 4 years working alongside INDOT, local agencies, and the contractors performing much of the roadway work and striping.  The Transportation Safety Division specializes in and manufactures reflective sign sheeting and durable pavement marking materials designed to make roads safer.  3M has invented many of the technologies used on today’s roads everywhere such as Fluorescent sign sheeting, Diamond Grade Sheeting, and wet reflective technology for pavement markings.  In Andrew’s role, he partners with agencies to help them improve their specifications and identify projects where these technologies should be used to help create greater safety and durability with their roadway infrastructure.  Today, Andrew is here to show you some of these technologies, discuss the future of roadways, and how it may foster the same safety and durability in your cities and counties.

The Carrot or the Stick? Employee Engagement - Webinar (May 4, 2021 1:30pm-2:30pm EDT) 

More now than ever, agencies that maintain highways, roads, and streets are counted on to provide fast, high quality​ service because good maintenance saves lives and​ money.  Meanwhile, the roadway system is growing​ in size and complexity, and government agencies are​ under ever-greater scrutiny by the public to perform at​ their very best.  While maintenance needs increase, the​ workers, equipment, and funds remain in short supply.​ Shortages or not, it is vital that workers do good work.​ The best and quickest way to encourage this is through​ effective motivation and engagement by their immediate supervisors. This​ webinar looks at what makes agencies successful, ​ how to define worker needs and wants, and how to take​ advantage of those for increased productivity and employee engagement.  Is it the Carrot or the Stick?  Join us and find out!

Speaker Bio: Todd Morrison P.E. is a road safety advocate as a speaker, workshop instructor, and online trainer.  For the past twelve years he has worked for numerous Local and Tribal Technical Assistance Programs and DOT's.  He has taught over 500 workshops and trained over 15000 individuals.  For the past five years, he has been an instructor for the Indiana LTAP at Purdue University.  He retired from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet after serving in the Divisions of Construction, Maintenance and Traffic.  At the Cabinet, he worked with environmental, work zone, construction and maintenance concerns as an Environmental Coordinator, Resident/Construction Engineer, Maintenance/Traffic Engineer, and as a Branch Manager for Operations.  Todd served for two years as Kentucky’s Safety Circuit Rider helping local agencies identify low cost improvements to reduce injuries and fatalities.  Todd is an ATSSA certified Traffic Control Supervisor, Flagging Instructor, and Traffic Control Design Specialist.

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