Training Calendar & Requests

Upcoming Trainings & Conferences 


Purdue Road School 

March 14 - 15

Information is forthcoming.


Two LTAP Conferences are moving! Mark your calendars. 

  • Local Transportation Asset Management Conference @ Purdue, May 1 & 2, 2023
  • Stormwater Drainage Conference @ Purdue, July 11, 2023


Training Requests 

To request a training below, please submit this form to Indiana LTAP ( 


Fall Onsite Trainings

Requests must be in before Sept 30th

Chainsaw Safety- 3 hours long

  • Chain saw equipment maintenance
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Choosing the proper tool for the job
  • Starting, storage, accessories

Snowplow Safety- 3 hours long

  • Safe practices  
  • Developing a culture of safety 
  • Plow Equipment
  • Plow Technique 
  • Maintenance 


Spring Onsite Trainings

Requests must be in before March 15th

Drainage- 3 hours long

  • Philosophy of Drainage
  • Culture of Safety
  • Drainage check/Equipment  
  • Ditches and Berms
  • Pipe replacement
  • Maintenance

Aerial Lift Safety  (Agency is Responsible to Provide the Bucket Truck) - 3 hours long

  • How to do an effective job briefing
  • Aerial Lift safety overview
  • Aerial Lift Pre-Fly
  • Aerial Lift Fall Protection Types
  • Ground Crew Responsibilities
  • Aerial Lift Travel Requirements
  • Aerial Lift Set up & Traffic Control
  • Aerial Lift EHAP

Work Zone Safety- 4 hours long

  • Why Temporary Traffic Control is needed
  • When TTC is needed and how much
  • Traffic Control Zones
  • Traffic Control Devices (evaluation of agency traffic control devices if provided)
  • Set-up of Traffic Control Zones (opportunity for field exercise)
  • Flagging