Upcoming Training Events

Please see below for description and registration information regarding upcoming training events. Most of the registration links below take you to our new Training Database. For instructions on how to use the database, please click here


Paser - February 18-27

This course will cover the concepts of pavement management including what the PASER rating system is, how it can be used to manage your pavements, and much more! Located 6 different workshops across the state. 

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Core Course #11 Plan Reading - March 5

This class will explain the contents of bridge and road plans, how to read typical sheet types, and the engineering and construction concepts these plans convey. It will be an interactive course with a bridge and road plan set. Attendees will learn to read and understand typical drawings. Located at Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Must register through NTEA and use promo code: LTAP

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Core Course #6 Basics of a Good Road - March 9

The course will cover asphalt pavement basics, concrete pavement basics, factors in roadway design, and pavement preservation.  Located at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana during Purdue Road School

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Core Course #7 Temporary Traffic Control – April 7-16

This workshop will provide attendees basic strategies for working safely on the road, as well as best practices for handling temporary traffic control and flagging.  Located 6 different workshops across the state. 

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Upcoming Events (Registration Coming Soon)

  • Chainsaw Safety, March 12-21
  • Core Course #10 Drainage, June 3
  • Core Course #8 MUTCD, June 23-25
  • Core Course #3 Highway Funding, August 20