Research Program

Indiana LTAP strives to facilitate a research program that enhances and improves public agency management and delivery of local transportation systems by providing value, quality control and assurances, and collaboration platforms for agencies and researchers. Deliverables from the research program include training opportunities, best practice documents, draft manuals and ordinances, tools and processes, and much more.


How It Works 

  1. Ideas are generated by LPA’s through focus groups, brainstorming meetings, site visits, conferences, etc.
  2. LTAP identifies researchers and develops project proposals based on LPA needs.
  3. Projects are reviewed and formally approved.
  4. Researchers partner with LPAs from project development through implementation with LTAP serving as the project manager.
  5. Deliverables are disseminated to LPAs through various outlets.


 Contact Jennifer Sharkey at (765) 496-6584 or for more information. 

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