What We Do

The Indiana Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) helps street departments, highway departments and local elected officials to better meet the needs of the public by acting as a resource for training, technical assistance and technology transfer. Our reach extends throughout Indiana and across the nation.

Local highway and street departments oversee more than 80,000 miles of Indiana roadway in all 92 Indiana counties. We provide these agencies better access to available resources by offering technical assistance and training for all counties, cities and towns within the state.

Indiana LTAP is part of a nationwide system of technology transfer centers, established by the Federal Highway Administration, that is designed to improve transportation department performance.


Some of Indiana LTAP's avenues for outreach include workshops, programs, conferences and resources. We also participate in road scholar, equipment loan and hazard elimination programs.

Indiana LTAP offers assistance in four distinct and innovative ways:

  • In person — through statewide workshops and conferences
  • In print — through newsletters and flyers
  • Online — through tutorials and resources
  • At your fingertips — through a micro-learning smartphone application

With the support of association partners, Indiana LTAP offers several annual conferences, including:

  • The Purdue Road School
  • The County Bridge Conference
  • The Storm Water Drainage Conference
  • The Civil Engineering Professional Development Seminar
  • The ITE/LTAP Transportation Conference


The research program at Indiana LTAP is aimed at finding the latest in new developments in technology, materials and construction practices to assist local agencies in maintaining their transportation Infrastructure. Our most recent initiatives include:

  • Reuse of railroad flat cars as bridges
  • Performance measures for local agency traffic signals
  • Pavement preservation
  • Pavement design of low-volume roads
  • Roundabout maintenance

LTAP research publications can be found on Purdue e-Pubs.