Innovation Program

Indiana LTAP’s Innovation Program is a newly developed program to identify, vet, implement, and recognize ideas, processes and tools specifically generated by local agencies that improve construction, maintenance, contracting, inspection, and all other related highway and street department activities.

How It Works 

Indiana LTAP is gathering input from ALL levels of local government agencies to identify and share those innovations that exist in every highway and street department. Has your department created a new process, tool, or piece of equipment that has made an operation easier, safer, more efficient or more affordable?

Triangle of Impact 

Great innovations in transportation use the Triangle of Impact, turning the gears of safety, economic vitality, and quality of life. Innovations can increase the safety of the traveling public or construction workers on the jobsite. Innovations can also reduce costs, saving taxpayer dollars, allowing: government agencies to invest funds into other services, highway and street departments to perform more work, and employees to have a more competitive salary. Finally, innovations can improve quality of life, providing better service to the community, attracting visitors, and making work easier or more fun. The opportunities are limitless!

Triangle made of three gears: safety, economic vitality, and quality of life.

The individual gears of the Triangle of Impact turn together to make a great innovation. For example, making a job easier will improve the safety of the work, giving less room for error; it will reduce costs because the labor will take less time; and it will improve quality of life because a less difficult job will make the lives of workers easier.