Vol 38 No 2.2

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  • Welcome Note
  • Featured Article: Workplace Health and Safety – Call to Action
  • Case Study: Adapted Activities Improve Productivity and Savings
  • LTAP Provides Chainsaw Training with Social Distancing
  • LTAP Team Receives Accolades 
  • Student Spotlight: Samantha Bowie 
  • LTAP Snowplow Webinar (11/30 @ 10:00 a.m.)
  • 2020 APAI Virtual Winter Conference
  • Job Openings 


Welcome Note

Our initial response to 2020 coming to an end might be: "thank goodness that is over." However, when we focus on the anxiety and the challenges we encountered, we may miss the moments that made us stronger and more versatile. "Rough seas make great sailors" is a saying that I remember from my time in the Navy. When the year 2020 is viewed through the lens of history, I hope people remember the achievements and not just the adversity. In 2020, we learned to communicate with each other in new and innovative ways, to become more flexible in our approach to projects, and to take the time to reevaluate and improve how we do business. The transportation workforce in Indiana is made up of essential workers, and for them, the job never stopped. The City of Fishers found that "in the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity" (Sun Tzu’s The Art of War). During the shutdown, Public Works leaders were able to act quickly to start projects that would have been impossible under normal conditions. Fountain County took the opportunity to relearn how to grade and maintain unpaved roads. The City of Crawfordsville trained their work crews on the importance of data collection at every level. These are just a few examples of the sound leadership that was demonstrated every day at the local level.

Indiana LTAP faced several challenges during the year and responded by developing new online tools and resources to provide the level of service that you have come to expect. The staff at Indiana LTAP took on the challenge of reinventing how quality training can be delivered using virtual and online platforms. Our conferences had to become online learning events that captured the feel of a traditional LTAP conference, and someone still answered your call or email when you needed assistance. During 2020, Indiana LTAP not only worked hard to continue our longstanding programs but added new topics to our repertoire, such as: right of way vegetation management, fleet asset management, grader operator training, and roadway safety, maintenance action plans.

Having seen the inspiring response from our local leaders to the events of 2020, we are all optimistically looking forward to the new year. We can take stock in the knowledge that we are stronger and more resilient than ever before, and that there are better days ahead. Indiana LTAP stands at the ready to support our local agencies to turn that optimism into reality.

Happy Holidays from the Staff at Indiana LTAP

- Rich Domonkos, Program Manager 


Featured Article: Workplace Health and Safety – Call to Action

By Dr. Sarah Hubbard and Dr. Bryan Hubbard, Purdue University 

It’s been more than six months since Governor Holcomb instituted Stage 1 procedures in response to Covid-19 and we have progressively opened back up, with Stage 5 beginning on September 26, and and the mask mandate extended on October 14. 

While Indiana has made good progress to get Back on Track, it’s important that we all continue to take appropriate precautions to keep ourselves, our co-workers and our families safe, especially since fall and winter bring new risks due to flu and other seasonal contagious illness.

Below is a list of things you can do to help protect your team from infectious illnesses such as Covid-19 and the flu.  Links to additional information are provided.  Check with the LTAP Covid-19 resource page for additional resources as they are developed, and contact us (inltap@purdue.edu) if you have questions, comments or requests. Let’s Work Together to Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!  

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Case Study: Adapted Activities Improve Productivity and Savings

A case study about how Fishers, Indiana handled managing the workplace during a pandemic. 

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LTAP Provides Chainsaw Training with Social Distancing

Seymour Chainsaw Training

LTAP continues to create training events in accordance to changing regulations in this current climate. Whether through webinars or social distancing, LTAP will continue to deliver educational experiences to our locals. In this article, we share images and feedback from our chainsaw series. 

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LTAP Team Receives Accolades 

LTAP employees received accolades for their hard work this season. 

  • Ashley Watson - Lyles School of Civil Engineering - 2020 Outstanding Staff Award
  • Laura Slusher – Finalist, College of Engineering Leah H. Jamieson Leadership Excellence Award
  • Pat Conner – Finalist, College of Engineering, Professional Achievement Award
  • Pam Bender - Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee (CSSAC), 3-year term
  • Carlos Alberto Madera Sierra – defended his PhD and is set to graduate this fall
  • Samantha Bowie – set to graduate this fall with an BS in Engineering


Student Spotlight: Samantha Bowie 


By Laura Slusher, P.E., LTAP Safety Engineer 

Housed at Purdue University, Indiana LTAP is fortunate to have access to some of the brightest minds in the country. LTAP has always had a history of employing Purdue undergraduate and graduate students to assist in research and technical assistance for local agencies. Our students bring fresh ideas and an eager work ethic to our program. It is always bittersweet to have to say our goodbyes to these students when they move on to the next step in their careers. We’re at that point now with one of the brightest students we’ve had come through LTAP. 

Samantha (“Sam”) Bowie is graduating from Purdue’s Civil Engineering Professional Masters program this December. This is a relatively new non-thesis program at Purdue that incorporates professional skills and managerial competencies to better prepare students to have an immediate and lasting impact in industry. 

In her time at LTAP, Sam has been an exemplary worker, assisting in several areas to help out the entire LTAP team. She has also taken the lead on a current project to provide a field flipbook for quick identification of noxious roadside vegetation. 

LTAP would also like to congratulate Sam on passing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam to earn her Engineer-in-Training certification. Any employer will be lucky to have you. If you’d like to reach Sam about potential job opportunities, her email is bowies@purdue.edu


LTAP Snowplow Webinar (11/30 @ 10:00 a.m.)

This webinar will train attendees to more efficiently use their equipment as well as reduce the risk of accidents and injury. Topics in this workshop include: safe practices, developing a culture of safety, plow equipment, plow technique, and maintenance. 

About the Instructor

Steve Moriarty is the Superintendent at Kosciusko County Highway Department. He has been with the Kosciusko County Highway Department for over 22 years.   Steve attended Tippecanoe Valley High School and graduated from the school of liberal art with a Bachelor’s degree at Purdue University.  Steve is a Master Road builder and a member of IACHES, also member of the Mentone United Methodist Church. He also for last four years has done snow plow training for Indiana LTAP. He also is the Head Football Coach at Tippecanoe Valley High School.  He resides in Rochester with his wife Jenny, and three children – Molly, Grady and Charlie.

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2020 APAI Virtual Winter Conference 

This is your opportunity to attend one of the Midwest's best asphalt conferences, from the convenience of your own office. This year's virtual conference will provide the opportunity to learn about the hottest topics in the asphalt industry, hear updates from INDOT on upcoming projects, and recognize the 2020 APAI Pavement and Safety Award Winners and 2020 Scholarship Recipients. Jam packed with excellent educational speakers, you won’t want to miss it!

December 16-17, 1-3 p.m. 

This virtual winter conference will provide excellent education for contractors, suppliers, equipment manufacturers, INDOT personnel, local government employees, and engineering consultants.

This is event is eligible for 3.0 CEUs/PDHs (1.5 per day).

To learn more about this event, visit the registration page


Nominations Needed - 6th Annual APWA-Indiana Chapter Awards

APWA-Indiana Chapter's Awards Program has been established to recognize outstanding individuals, public agencies, corporations and projects representing the best achievements in Public Works in our state over the previous year.  


The Indiana Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) seeks to inspire excellence and dedication in public service by recognizing the outstanding career service achievements of individual public works professionals and officials, from both the private and public sectors.  The primary focus of the award is on career service to the public works profession rather than on any one single event or project.  


The Indiana Chapter of the American Public Works (APWA) Project of the Year Award was established to promote excellence in the management and administration of public works projects by recognizing the alliance between the managing agency, the consultant/architect/engineer and the contractor who, by working together, complete public works projects.  The award will recognize those projects that promote excellence in demonstrating creativity, ingenuity and efficiency in the delivery of Public Works projects that have a profound impact on the community.  

For more information and submission materials, visit the APWA Indiana website


Job Openings 

To learn more about the open positions below, please visit our Available Jobs page. 

  • Highway Engineer, Carroll County Government
  • MS4 Coordinator, Monroe County Highway Department