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  • Featured Article: All You Need to Know About All-Way Stops 
  • Guide for Operations During a Contagious Outbreak 
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Featured Article: All You Need to Know About All-Way Stops

All-way, or multi-way, stop-controlled intersections are commonplace in Indiana. However, where this particular type of traffic control should be used is often misunderstood.  When misapplied, all-way stops can create more problems than a traditional two-way stop-controlled intersection. This article will clear up any misconceptions about all-way stops so your agency can better understand how to use all-way stops as a safe and effective method of traffic control.

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Guide for Operations During Contagious Illness Outbreak

September is National Preparedness Month, which carries exceptional weigh in 2020 as we try to live and work during a pandemic. Many local agencies have come up with novel ideas for operations and safety, which can be documented for use by all agencies during future events related and unrelated to Covid-19 (for example: reducing the spread of illness during a more typical flu season, or protecting workers that have compromised immune systems due to personal medical conditions). 

Therefore, Professors Sarah Hubbard and Bryan Hubbard in the Purdue Polytechnic, along with the Indiana Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), are working to develop a Guide for Operations During a Contagious Illness Outbreak. In addition to the report, we are developing training materials on the subject. We have released our first stage of educational videos on the following topics: 

  • Disinfecting the Workplace 
  • Disinfecting Vehicles 
  • Employee Temperature and Symptom Checks for COVID-19
  • Employer Response to Positive COVID-19 Test

 To watch these videos, visit our Guide for Operations page. 


LTAP News & Events

  • LTAP staff recently attended the National LTAP Virtual Conference (July 28-30) and LTAP Research Manager Pat Conner presented on "Asset Management Implementation for Local Road Agencies" with Tim Colling (MI LTAP) and Airton Kohls (TN CTR). 
  • LTAP staff also particpated in the IACHES Annual Conference (July 29-30). 


Website Updates 

Indiana LTAP has made a few changes to the website to enhance your experience. The following pages were added. 

  • We recently added the page, Our Partners, to showcase the associations and agencies we work with. 
  • We also added the Training Materials page, where you can find video links, handouts, and more from past LTAP trainings. 
  • We also gave COVID-19 its own section on the top navigation menu. Currently it houses the subpages COVID-19 Resources and Guide for Operations. Bookmark for future content. 


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