A smarter approach to healthcare keeps the focus on you – New partnerships begin January 1

Quality, convenient, affordable health care is our mantra when it comes to providing health benefits for our Purdue family. In the fall, we introduced a smarter approach to healthcare that lessens the complexity of the many healthcare considerations and keeps the focus on you.

“Ensuring our employees have the best tools and resources available allows them to take an active role in their healthcare, which can also save them money along the way,” said Candace Shaffer, director of benefits in human resources. “We hope the addition of several new partnerships and programs for 2020 will complement the current offerings of our health plans and provide employees even more access to understanding and getting the most from their respective plans.” 

For 2020 we have created a system of networks, providers and programs dedicated to helping you be healthy, stay healthy and get the care you need by offering access to top-quality care that is affordable, convenient and effective – as well as many free resources.  Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll have available to you in the new year:

New in 2020

  • Health Guides – A free resource that simplifies the healthcare experience so you better understand your health situation and are able to find the right care at the right time – for the right cost.

  • HealthSync A groundbreaking network of high-performing healthcare providers dedicated to personalized, value-based care.

  • Rx Savings Solutions – A free confidential program that works in conjunction with Purdue’s prescription coverage to provide transparency into prescription costs and options and offers personalized prescription guidance for every member on your health plan. You can register now via the Rx Savings Solutions portal or app and opt-in to text alerts so you are ready to begin maximizing your savings opportunities in the new year.

    On Tuesday, January 7, 2020, those who have not yet registered for the program will receive a detailed email from Rx Savings Solutions, which will encourage registration and share information on how you can begin utilizing Rx Savings Solutions to save yourself and your family members money on your prescriptions. For more information, see the Rx Savings Solutions frequently asked questions.

  • Verdi Cancer Direct – A partnership between Purdue University and Horizon Oncology & Research Center and Verdi Health to help patients receive a more personalized, coordinated approach to high-quality cancer care in the event of a cancer diagnosis. Low-cost second opinion service is among the many resources available through the program.

Details to come: As we move into 2020, more information and how employees and their families can take advantage of these resources will continue to be shared on all four new programs via email and Purdue Today.

Additional resources available online

Offering a user-friendly browsing experience for faculty and staff through an enhanced easy-to-navigate, uncluttered design, the benefits website home page features a tile specific to “Smart Healthcare.” 

Information shared via the Smart Healthcare tile offers employees a quick look at several resources to help them find the best care at the most cost-effective prices based on Purdue’s medical plans. Separated out by topic, Smart Healthcare covers a variety of resources including the Anthem Care & Cost Finder, on-campus and virtual health and wellness options, referrals for off-site care and services, lab work, mental health resources and more.

Questions can be directed to Human Resources at 765-494-2222, toll free at 877-725-0222 or via email at hr@purdue.edu.