Take advantage of the additional ‘Health Screening Benefit’ from MetLife

As part of your Critical Illness Insurance, you can qualify for a “Health Screening Benefit” from MetLife.

MetLife will provide an annual benefit of $50 per calendar year for taking one of the eligible screening/prevention measures. MetLife will pay only one health screening benefit per covered person per calendar year. For example, annual physical exam, mammogram, colonoscopy, pap test, prostate exam, hemoglobin A1C, blood panel, etc.

Note: If you are participating in the 2020 Healthy Boiler Wellness Incentive Program and have already had your annual physical and biometrics screening completed, you have also already had a qualifying screening/prevention measure taken. If not, you can plan to earn the Healthy Boiler incentive (complete your annual physical and biometrics screening by September 30, 2020) and the Critical Illness Insurance Health Screening Benefit in 2020.

See page 21 in the MetLIfe Critical Illness certificate booklet for a complete list of eligible screening/prevention measures.  

For instruction on how to submit a claim, see the “MetLife Critical Illness claim process” handout. To file a claim, visit www.mybenefits.metlife.com or call 866-626-3705.

Questions can be directed to Human Resources at hr@purdue.edu, HRHelp (secure email) or by phone at 765-494-2222 or toll-free at 877-725-0222.