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Benefits open enrollment, health and wellness offerings feedback requested

It's been a hectic, fast-paced year that brought many changes to university programs and more. Human Resources – Benefits wants to thank you for being a part of those changes and supporting us as we began to approach healthcare programs and options in a smarter, more user-friendly manner while also changing how we communicate and involve employees in the process.

“Employee engagement and feedback regarding what programs and resources we have available and how we share that information is a top priority for our team,” said Candace Shaffer, director of benefits in Human Resources. “The more we hear from our faculty and staff, the better we are in regards to addressing concerns, implementing new programs and restructuring what’s already in place as needed.

“For instance, in 2019, we reviewed our annual survey and published a one-page action response indicating what we learned from the employee feedback, as well as what we planned to do in response to that feedback. And our planning continues.”

In order to continue to be proactive in change, Human Resources-Benefits is again seeking faculty and staff feedback on benefits open enrollment and wellness offerings at Purdue. See the recent Purdue Today article for more details. 

A brief (two-part) survey has been created to gather employee input. The survey will remain open through January 17, 2020.

Survey results are anonymous and will be used by Human Resources-Benefits, stakeholder groups and LHD Advisors for future planning of benefits packages and wellness offerings. 

“Participating in this survey is the best way for you to share your opinions, experiences and suggestions that help us move forward," said Shaffer. "We appreciate and look forward to hearing from you.”

All employees who complete the survey will receive an incentive for their participation. To keep your responses anonymous, upon completion of the survey, you will be redirected to a separate survey to provide name and campus building to mail your incentive.

Questions can be directed to Human Resources at 765-494-2222, toll-free at 877-725-0222 or via email at