Forming Service-Learning Partnerships

Step 1: Decision-Making

Determine whether you are looking for a service-learning course partnership, interns for your organization or volunteers to support your work. If it is service-learning, then you are in the right place!

  • Service-Learning 101: Blend of learning and service, i.e., students apply learning in a community setting to meet community needs. Learn more.
  • Internship 101: Learning-focused, i.e., job training and career networking. Learn more.
  • Volunteering 101: Service-focused, i.e., serve a community or organization to further their mission. Learn more.

Step 2: Learn the Process

When setting up a service-learning course, it is critical to plan ahead. Like all successful relationships, service-learning partnerships take time and energy to truly grow into mutually beneficial, reciprocal relationships.

Partnership Timeline

Partnership Checklist

Building Relationships & Clarifying Expectations

____ Connect with instructor/partner and foster a meaningful relationship

____ Share course/partner goals and clarify expectations, i.e., time commitments, classroom/site visits, level of students, draft syllabus

____ Establish communication plan, i.e., student contact frequency, instructor contact frequency, platform

____ Discuss funding, research opportunities, and IRB as needed

____ Connect with the Director of Service-Learning as needed for additional support

Finalizing Commitments

____ Complete appropriate forms and share with all partners, i.e., syllabus, learning contract, photograph release, background checks, etc.

Implementing & Monitoring

____ Conduct bi-weekly check-in’s for new partnerships; mid-semester check-in’s for advanced partnerships (instructor)

____ Meet with students to evaluate/adjust service (instructor)

____ Meet with partner to evaluate/adjust service (instructor)

Evaluating & Assessing

____ Conduct evaluation surveys, interviews, etc. with students, partners, instructor and for the partnership (Instructor evaluation; Student evaluation; Community Partner evaluation; and Partnership evaluation)

____ Host partnerships brief with all partners

____ Continue to build and foster the relationship as needed

To download complete the checklist, click HERE.

Step 3: Visit the Project Bulletin Board

The next step is to visit our Project Bulletin Board where you can find a partner looking to be matched with a course or instructor. Want to post to our Project Bulletin Board? To do so, share about your course via our Bulletin Board Submission Form, so we can make a post for you!

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Step 4: Explore Our Resources

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