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Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Purchasing Information

Below is some information about purchasing an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

Initial costs for Cardiac Science G5:

Quotes for units and supplies will be obtained at the time of purchase due to cost fluctuations. 

Non-recurring cost– for unit and cabinet with signage and 2-year service agreement for any replacements. End of life machines are offered a trade-in savings.

Recurring cost – purchase pads every two years, battery every four years

Purdue University Fire Department oversees the AED program on the West Lafayette campus. If a department or group is interested in purchasing an AED, there are a few key things to know. The purchase and funds for an AED would be done through the department or group that wishes to purchase a unit(s). A Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED is the recommended unit to purchase at Purdue University. Cardiac Science has just released the next generation AED called ‘Powerheart G5’. During the initial start-up purchase of a G5 unit, it will include two sets of adult defibrillation pads, a four-year battery with warranty, carry case, ready kit, USB cable, AED Manager and more. Each new unit comes with an eight-year warranty. In addition to the AED unit purchase, most departments also buy one child defibrillation pad set (if applicable), an AED wall cabinet and an AED 3-D wall sign. These wall mount cabinets are usually placed within an area of the building that will make the AED units accessible for all to use in the event that someone goes into cardiac arrest.

It is the expectation of the department or designated responsible group that have bought an AED to maintain their unit(s) in the rescue ready mode, according to the manufacture’s guidelines and the fire department's recommendations. Replacement of the defibrillation pads (adult x2 sets, child x1 set) every two years or by the given expiration date on the defibrillation pads and for a new battery every four years is required.

To purchase a unit(s), check within the Purdue purchasing system for an AED quote. Please make sure that the quote is for a Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 unit, cabinet, 3-D wall sign and (or) any additional accessories if needed (i.e. child pads).

Questions may be directed to contact Lt. Kevin Luse with the Purdue University Fire Department at or (765) 494-0966.

If a specific price quote or additional information is needed, contact Kirk Sundstrom with Cardiac Science at or (630) 339-7897.

School Health is an authorized provider to sell Cardiac Science items. They are also a vendor in the Purdue Purchasing System that provides Purdue pricing.

After Ordering

Once a department or group purchases an AED, it is important to notify Lt. Kevin Luse with Purdue University Fire Department (Fire Prevention). Purdue Fire Prevention offers a free building walk-thru assessment to assist in determining the best location/placement of the AED(s) within the building, to provide ADA compliance instruction on mounting the cabinet and to assist with the AED setup once the unit arrives.

 AED cabinet and 3D sign  

AED cabinet with 3-D wall mount sign.

If an AED cabinet is purchased, and after the walk-thru assessment has been conducted, a request for installation can be made through the Physical Facilities Work Request Center. Since the cabinet can protrude off the wall more than four inches in hallways of public travel, the ADA height for the cabinet(s) must be 27 inches from the floor to the bottom of the cabinet.

Once the actual AED unit arrives, a member of the fire department can come out and assist with the setup of the unit(s). Each unit will be added to a master list and will be checked and tracked by serial number by the Purdue University Fire Department annually. It is important to notify Lt. Kevin Luse or Fire Prevention if the AED's responsible party changes or the department and AED need to be relocated. Lastly, the building deputy should be notified about the purchase of an AED. They may have special requirements or input with assisting in the placement location process. They also will need to add this important information to the Building Emergency Plan (BEP). Jefferson Howells with Purdue’s Emergency Preparedness and Planning Office can further assist with updating your BEP information. He can be reached at (765) 494-9269.

Information about maintenance for AEDs can be found at Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Maintenance Information.