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Fire Evacuation for Persons with Disabilities

In the event of an emergency that may require an evacuation of a campus building, the following procedures are recommended:

  • Always evacuate if a fire alarm is sounding. If you are able to evacuate, please do so at that time. Remember to use the stairs if able. Never use the elevator during a fire alarm.

  • If you are unable to evacuate, shelter-in-place and call 911 immediately. Let the 911 dispatcher know where you are located, that you are unable to evacuate and you need assistance. 

  • If you are unable to call 911, advise others around you of your location and have them inform emergency personnel of your location.

  • If you are in no immediate danger, remain where you are and wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

  • If you are in immediate danger, then move to an area where you can shelter-in-place (recommended areas would be a pre-determined designated refuge area, a room with an outside window or a room with a sprinkler system if available).

  • You are also encouraged to carry a sounding/signaling device like a small whistle, flashlight and cell phone to alert emergency personnel of your location.

It is best to have arrangements pre-planned for evacuation assistance. Arrangements can be made to reasonably assure that assistance is provided to anyone who requires it. Having a plan and practicing it may save a life. Contact the Purdue University Fire Department for arrangements at (765) 494-6919 or complete the DocuSign Online Voluntary Registry for Persons Requesting Additional Assistance Form.