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Dangers of Fire

Fire Spreads Fast

When a fire occurs, there is little time to escape. A fire can spread, sometimes doubling its size, in seconds. In less than 30 seconds, a fire can rage out of control and fill the area with heat and toxic, thick smoke. Remember, when a fire is discovered, it is critical to get out quickly.

Fire Gets Hot

A fire can give off incredible amounts of heat. A room fire can range from 100 degrees at floor level to 1,200 or more degrees at the ceiling. Skin can burn with permanent injuries at 160 degrees. The heat given off from a fire can kill. If super heated air is inhaled, it can scorch lungs.

Fire Is Dark

The thick, black smoke that is given off from a fire can make it extremely difficult to see where one is going. Crawling low may help visibility, and the air is usually cooler towards the floor. It is important to remember, if the smoke is too thick in the hallway to escape, sheltering-in-place may be necessary. Try to find another way out perhaps through a window or another exit. Always plan for at least two ways out. Closing doors can help reduce the spread of smoke and fire.

Fire Is Deadly

Most people who die in fires die from the toxic gases, thick smoke and lack of oxygen. In a fire, breathing even small amounts of these toxic elements can be disorienting, causing some people to pass out. Remember smoke detectors save lives. The time to react to a fire/smoke alarm is when it first goes off. Never ignore an alarm.