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Remember, when you hear: 

  • All-Hazards Outdoor Warning Sirens: Immediately seek shelter in a safe location within the closest facility. Audio example* (.wmv)
  • Building Fire Alarms: Immediately evacuate the building and move to a safe location. Audio example* (.wav)

In both cases, you should solicit additional clarifying information by all possible means, including the Purdue homepage, TV, radio, email, etc.

*Sound files are examples only. There are different types of alarms, and sounds may vary.

Training & Exercise

  • All-Hazards Awareness Training Opportunities
  • Campus Threat Specific Exercise Plans (ExPlan)

University Policies



  • Purdue EAPS-XTRRA Radar
  • Large/complex Event Weather Decision Support Services
    • In support of our commitments as a StormReady University and Weather Ready Nation Ambassador the Emergency Preparedness & Planning Office will assist in developing event-related weather forecast decision support resources for event organizers. 
  • Emergency Procedures Guide Flipbook
  • Building Emergency Plans (BEP)
    • Building specific emergency contacts, evacuation, and sheltering guidance for buildings on/off campus.
  • Building Emergency Plan Edits/Updates using Cascade CMS
    • Workshops and individual training sessions to aid Building Deputies and BEP Developers in maintaining online BEPs using the Cascade Content Management System.  
  • Special Event Emergency Planning Checklist PDF / Word
    • A guideline for Student, Staff, and Faculty event organizers to follow while planning events on campus


  • Campus Emergency Status webpage (
    • This web site is your primary online resource for current and developing PurdueALERT information and changes to the operational status of campus.
  • Campus Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
    • A multi-location scalable center designed to support the needs of expanding incidents and/or large complex preplanned events.  
  • Twitter Feed (@purdueemergency): Sign up for a free Twitter account, then use the app to push notifications directly from @purdueemergency to your smartphone.
  • Information for PurdueALERT
  • Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Decision Assistance Tool
    • Purdue West Lafayette Buildings PDF / Word
    • Non-campus Locations PDF / Word


  • After Action Review (AAR) process and After Action Report product.
  • This phase involves assessing damage and restoring systems to normal status.