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Integrated Emergency Management Plan

Purdue University has incorporated major emergency planning programs into its Integrated Emergency Management Plan (IEMP). The plan considers all phases of emergency management operations in order to minimize the impacts of natural and human-caused disasters. The IEMP includes the Emergency Procedures Guide, Emergency Operations Center procedures, a Building Emergency Plan template, the PurdueALERT process and additional plans. The IEMP ensures the University community is prepared to react to emergencies at the West Lafayette campus.

Purdue also embraces National Incident Management System (NIMS) concepts, requirements and policies. Moreover, the University's first responders use the Incident Command System. The IEMP blends these concepts and procedures, which enhances the University's ability to respond and recover from emergency incidents.

The IEMP is a tool that requires faculty, staff and students to stay vigilant, embrace preparedness concepts and ensure the procedures become part of our daily routines.

Quick References

  • Purdue West Lafayette Buildings PDF / Word
  • Non-University Owned Buildings PDF / Word
  • Purdue Polytechnic Institute Sites PDF / Word
  • Contractor PDF / Word



The full Integrated Emergency Management Plan (PDF) is available online, and individual components are listed below.