IUSM-Purdue MD-PHD Medical Scientist/ Engineer Training Program


The Medical Scientist/Engineer Training Program (MSTP) offers fellowships and full-tuition scholarships to physicianengineer trainees pursuing combined MD-PhD biomedical engineering degrees. One of our goals in the Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience is to increase the number of MSTP trainees pursuing their degree in PIIN laboratories. Not only would such an outcome strengthen the Institute’s research programs by engaging an outstanding pool of MD/ PhD students, but it would also foster the development of collaborations between PIIN faculty members and colleagues at IUSM.

Faculty opportunities

Although Purdue faculty members serving as mentors of MSTP trainees must be affiliated with the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering (through either a direct or a courtesy appointment), PIIN investigators collaborating with BME colleagues can serve as co-mentors. Mentors are responsible for providing stipend support (currently $29,000/ year) for MSTP trainees during the graduate phase of their program (typically four years). We note that MSTP trainees have traditionally been very successful in securing both internal and external fellowships.


The 2021 recruitment cycle for MSTP trainees interested in joining Purdue labs begins in July 2020, with admissions activities continuing through spring 2021.

If you are a non-BME investigator interested in co-mentoring an MSTP trainee, please contact the PIIN leadership team at neuro@purdue.edu.We will include your name and a link to your lab on the MSTP website.

The deadline to respond is August 7, 2020

More information

IU-PURDUE MD-PHD PROGRAM is led by four faculty members representing Indiana University School of Medicine and Purdue's Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering and focuses on integrating engineering design and translational research with clincal care.

IU-PURDUE MD-PHD CURRICULUM follows a 2-4-2 plan:

  • 2 years: medical school preclinical training
  • 4 years: PhD BME graduate training
  • 2 years: medical school clinical training

PURDUE ENGINEERING GRADUATE PROGRAM was ranked #7 for 2021 by US News and World Report (March 2020).

INDIANA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE is the nation's largest medical school. It is located on a 93-acre campus in Indianapolis, which includes four hospitals.