The Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience was created to enhance the exploration, translation, and recognition of Neuroscience research. At Purdue University, 30 departments across 6 colleges have invested in over 160 faculty who have ongoing neuroscience-related research activities. This deep pool of human resources has positioned Purdue well in four research focus areas within the broad field of Neuroscience. Existing strengths in Aging & Neurodegeneration and Neuroengineering are being augmented by strategic hires.  Other areas of ongoing excellence in neuroscience research are Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology and Neurotrauma & Neuropathology.  

Enhanced research capabilities are supported by 2 new core research facilities in Cell Engineering,and Animal Behavior. Institute-sponsored activities to catalyze collaborative faculty research, improve faculty recognition, augment graduate and postdoctoral education and mentoring, increase the diversity of our faculty and student body, and raise public awareness of discoveries in Neuroscience are promoted throughout the year. The foundation for excellence in neuroscience is being established at Purdue University, and we invite you to join our efforts and build upon a tradition of excellence; one brick higher.