Purdue is home to world class faculty in a multitude of science and engineering disciplines; the Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience is no different. Around 160 faculty in 6 colleges and 30 departments at Purdue find a common home in the Institute to ensure its recognition as a Pillar of Excellence on a global scale.

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Name Email Department Research Description Program Area
Aguilar, R. Claudio claudio@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Protein - Protein interactions at a molecular level Aging & Neurodegeneration
Alexander, Joshua alexan14@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Experimental Amplification Aging & Neurodegeneration
Ambike, Satyajit sambike@purdue.edu Health and Kinesiology Human prehension and locomotion across adult age span Aging & Neurodegeneration
Aryal, Uma uaryal@purdue.edu Comparative Pathobiology Understanding the biology of cellular senescence or aging, and diet-induced obesity using quantitative proteomics, bioinformatics and molecular biology approaches Aging & Neurodegeneration
Baloni, Priyanka pbaloni@purdue.edu Health Sciences Development of computational approaches to analyze multi-omics data and study the effect of gene-environment interactions on neurodegenerative diseases, aging and other health-related outcomes Aging & Neurodegeneration; Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Barker, Eric barkerel@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Structure-function of antidepressant and psychostimulant sensitive neurotransmitter transporters Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Bartlett, Ed ebartle@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Central auditory neurophysiology and neuroanatomy at the systems & cellular levels Aging & Neurodegeneration
Bentley, Tim rbentley@purdue.edu Veterinary Clinical Sciences Translational brain cancer: from spontaneous canine brain tumors to human patients Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Bernal, Ximena xbernal@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Animal communication & Insect Neuroethology Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Bowman, Aaron bowma117@purdue.edu College Of Health And Human Sciences Gene x Environment interactions in neurological diseases Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Burgess, John burgesjr@purdue.edu Nutrition Science The role of oxidative stress and omega-3 fatty acid status in ADHD Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Cannon, Jason cannonjr@purdue.edu Health Sciences Etiopathogenesis of Parkinson's disease Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Chan, Deva devachan@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of soft tissue structure-function relationship in health and degenerative disease Neurotrauma and neuropathology
Chester, Julia jcheste@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Genetic and environmental influences on psychiatric disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Chiu, Yu-Chin yuchinchiu@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Cognitive neuroscience of selective attention and inhibitory control Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Chmielewski, Jean chml@purdue.edu Chemistry Developing Trojan-horse approaches to deliver therapies across the blood-brain barrier Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Chopra, Gaurav gchopra@purdue.edu Chemistry Interactome based methods to study neurodegeneration for therapeutic discovery Aging & Neurodegeneration
Chubykin, Alexander chubykin@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Neural circuit plasticity in mouse visual cortex Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Claridge, Shelley claridge@purdue.edu Chemistry Nanopatterned biomolecular interfaces with electrodes Neuroengineering
Claxton, Laura ljclaxton@purdue.edu Health and Kinesiology Integration of the development of motor and cognitive processes in infants and young children Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Cui, Meng mengcui@purdue.edu Electrical and Computer Engineering Development of neuro-imaging technology for fundamental neuroscience Neuroengineering
Dooley, Jimmy jcdooley@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Understanding how the movements we make during sleep contribute to sensorimotor development and plasticity, with a focus on cortical motor control. Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Duerstock, Brad bsd@purdue.edu Industrial Engineering Neurotrauma, Assistive Technology / Rehabilitation Engineering Physiological Control Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Dydak, Ulrike udydak@purdue.edu Health Sciences Neuroimaging (MRI) of neurodegenerative and movement disorders Neuroengineering
Ekenstedt, Kari kje0003@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Genetics of naturally-occurring inherited canine models of human neurologic diseases Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Emir, Uzay uemir@purdue.edu Health Sciences Utilize MR imaging and MR spectroscopy (MRS) to identify biomarkers for various types of neurodegenerative diseases. Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology / Aging & Neurodegeneration
Fernandez-Juricic, Esteban efernan@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Coevolution of visual systems and visually-guided behavior Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Flaherty, Daniel dflaher@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Drug discovery for Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders Aging & Neurodegeneration
Foti, Daniel foti@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Cognitive and affective abnormalities in psychopathology Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Fox, Edward foxe@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Brain-gut interactions regulating food intake and body weight Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Francis, Alexander francisa@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Psychophysiological response to listening to speech in noise Aging & Neurodegeneration
Francis, Gregory gfrancis@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Neural network models of visual perception Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Freeman, Jennifer jfreema@purdue.edu Health Sciences Developmental neurotoxicity and the developmental origins of neurodegenerative disease Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Friedman, Elliot efriedman@purdue.edu Human Development and Family Studies Biological, psychological, and social influences on healthy aging Aging & Neurodegeneration
Gardner, Stephanie sgardne@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Anatomy of age-related hearing loss Aging & Neurodegeneration
Garner, Allen algarner@purdue.edu Nuclear Engineering Electric pulse manipulation of nervous system cells Neuroengineering
Goni, Joaquin jgonicor@purdue.edu Industrial Engineering Brain connectivity under different diseases/impairments Neuroengineering
Gutmann, Michelle mgutmann@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences The effect neurodegenerative diseases have on the Augmentative & Alternative Communication system Aging & Neurodegeneration
Haddad, Jeffrey jmhaddad@purdue.edu Health and Kinesiology The integration between posture and manual movements across the human life-span Aging & Neurodegeneration
Hall, Hana hallh@purdue.edu Biochemistry Role of R-loops in age-related neurodegeneration Aging & Neurodegeneration
Heinz, Michael mheinz@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Neural coding in normal and impaired auditory systems; Models of auditory signal processing and perception Aging & Neurodegeneration
Helie, Sebastien shelie@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Computational cognitive neuroscience of sensorimotor learning Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Hill, Catherine hillca@purdue.edu Entomology Novel, environmentally benign strategies to control mosquito and tick vectors of disease Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Hockerman, Gregory gregh@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Defining the roles of specific voltage-gate Ca2+ channels in pancreatic beta cell function Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Huang, Fang fanghuang@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Super-resolution microscopy for cellular structures, functions and dynamics Neuroengineering
Huang, Rong huang-r@purdue.edu Medicinal Chem/Molecular Pharmacology Drug discovery targeting enzymes involved in epigenetic modifications, including methyltransferases and acetyltransferases Aging & Neurodegeneration / Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Hudmon, Andy ahudmon@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology The role Kinases and their signaling complexes play in regulating on channels in neurodegeneration Aging & Neurodegeneration
Hussain, Muhammad mmhece@purdue.edu Electrical And Computer Eng Design and development of futuristic electronics involving state-of-the-art CMOS technology (e.g., multifunctional integrated systems with optimal rigidity, flexibility, stretchability, and reconfigurability) with a broad range of healthcare applications. Aging & Neurodegeneration; Neuroengineering; Neurotrauma & Neuropathy
Jaiswal, Natasha jaiswa19@purdue.edu Department Of Health And Kinesiology Skeletal muscle and neuromuscular plasticity Aging & Neurodegeneration
Jayant, Krishna kjayant@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Neural circuit dynamics involved in sensory processing and memory consolidation, nanoelectronics, electrophysiology, optical techniques Neuroengineering
Jiang, Wen jiang12@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Cryo-EM structural studies of protein amyloids in neurodegenerative diseases Aging & Neurodegeneration
Kaganovich, Natalya kaganovi@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Audiovisual processing in typically developing children and in children with developmental disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Keehn, Brandon bkeehn@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Attentional strengths and weaknesses and their neurofunctional underpinnings in autism Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kelleher, Bridgette bkelleher@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Early behavioral and biological markers of risk and resilience in children with neurodevelopmental disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kemmerer, David kemmerer@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Neural organization of linguistic meaning and its relationships with grammar, perception, and action Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kerstein, Patrick pkerstei@purdue.edu Health Sciences Cell specification and susceptibility in the mouse visual nervous system in health and disease Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kim, Kwang Seob kwangkim@purdue.edu Speech, Language And Hearing Sciences Studying sensorimotor mechanisms underlying stuttering and how the brain controls and learns movements Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology; Neurotrauma & Neuropathy
Kimbrough, Adam kimbroua@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Alcohol and other addiction related disorders and the effect they have on the related neural networks Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kinzer-Ursem, Tamara tursem@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Using mathematical models to understand how dynamic protein interactions influence cellular behavior Neuroengineering
Kinzig, Kimberly kkinzig@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Neuroendocrinology of energy balance Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Knipp, Greg gknipp@purdue.edu Industrial and Physical Pharmacy Investigating in vitro and in vivo blood-brain barrier permeation Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kong, Nan nkong@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Stochastic Optimization; discrete optimization; agent-based modeling and simulation healthcare resource allocation Neuroengineering
Koss, Wendy wkoss@purdue.edu Life Science Initiative Use of mouse models to characterize the role of sex in the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and mood disorders, as well as adverse outcomes of traumatic brain injury Aging & Neurodegeneration / Neurotrauma and Neuropathy
Krishnan, Ravi rkrish@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Neural encoding of speech in normal and impaired ears Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kuang, Shihuan skuang@purdue.edu Animal Sciences Muscle development & regeneration, adult stem cell biology, and neuromuscular diseases Aging & Neurodegeneration
Lacroix, Arianna anlacroi@purdue.edu Speech, Language And Hearing Sciences Characterizing the relationship between language and cognition in individuals with and without brain injury (e.g., stroke, TBI) to improve communication outcomes for adults with neurogenic communication disorders Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Lee, Hongmi hongmilee@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Cognitive neuroscience of human long-term memory Neuroengineering
Lee, Hugh hwlee@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Implantable microscale sensors and actuators for treatment of neurological disorders Neuroengineering
Lee, Ji Yeon lee1704@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Language processing and recovery in adult neurogenic disorders Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Leonard, Laurence xdxl@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Childhood language disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Leung, Yuk Fai yfleung@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Disease-causing gene network and novel therapies for retinal degeneration Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Lim, Seung-Oe limsoe@purdue.edu Medicinal Chem/Molecular Pharmacology Development of disease-modifying immunotherapy and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research tools Aging & Neurodegeneration
Lindemann, Stephen lindemann@purdue.edu Food Science Gut-brain axis, mechanisms of dietary and microbiome modulation of neuroinflammation and cognition Aging & Neurodegeneration
Little, Dianne little33@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Regenerative medicine approaches to treat musculoskeletal disease Neurotrama & Neuropathology
Lucas, Jeffrey jlucas@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Animal communication & avian audiology Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Makin, Maria mdadarla@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Neural prostheses and artificial sensation; sensorimotor learing Neuroengineering
Malandraki, Georgia malandraki@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Neurophysiology and neuroplasticity of the swallowing neural network in children and adults Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Marceau, Kristine KristineMarceau@purdue.edu Human Development and Family Studies How genetics, hormones, and pre/post natal environments contribute to the development of child behavior & family relationships Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Marinero, Ernesto eemarinero@purdue.edu Materials Engineering Fundamental and applied science Neuroengineering
Mattes, Richard mattes@purdue.edu Nutrition Science Mechanisms and functions of taste Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Mattoo, Seema smattoo@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Fic-mediated post-translational modifications in neurodegeneration Aging & Neurodegeneration
McNally Keehn, Rebecca rmcnall@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Improving evidence-based diagnostic & intervention practices for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Mendrysa, Susan mendrysa@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Cerebellum development and tumorigenesis Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Mohammadi, Saeed saeedm@purdue.edu Electrical and Computer Engineering Wireless neural recording and stimulation and neuroprosthetics Neuroengineering
Munguia-Vazquez, Raymundo rmunguia@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Auditory cortex plasticity and how the Central Nervous System adapts and responds to a diverse array of disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Nie, Linda hnie@purdue.edu Health Sciences Biomedical instrumentation development Neuroengineering
O'Connor, Sean oconnor1@iupui.edu Biomedical Engineering Analysis of electroencephalographic measures of brain function Neuroengineering
Ogas, Joe ogas@purdue.edu Biochemistry Neuronal differentiation Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Ogata, Niwako nogata@purdue.edu Veterinary Clinical Sciences Translational research between human mental health and canine behavior health Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Ott, Carol caott@iupui.edu Pharmacy Medication use and clinical outcomes in mental health and substance use disorders Development, Genetics, Neuropharmacology
Paschou, Perry ppaschou@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Genetics of complex disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Perez-Torres, Carlos cperezto@purdue.edu Health Sciences How radiation treatment affects the normal brain to improve MRI tools Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Pienaar, Elsje epienaar@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Use of computational models to simulate and predict multi-cellular and spatial dynamics of infectious disease, Alzheimer's plaques, and immune responses to these pathologies Aging & Neurodegeneration
Pitts, Brandon bjpitts@purdue.edu Industrial Engineering Age-related cognitive changes and human-machine interaction Aging & Neurodegeneration
Pluta, Scott spluta@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Neural circuits and behavior, sensory coding and sensorimotor integration Development, Genetics & Neurpharmacology
Pushkar, Yulia ypushkar@purdue.edu Physics and Astronomy Biophysics & Energy Research Neuroengineering
Rajwa, Bartek brajwa@purdue.edu Bindley Bioscience Center Applications of statistical machine learning in multi-omics, with a focus on quantitatively defining complex biological phenotypes observed in peripheral neuroscience, cell biology, and immunology. Neuroengineering / Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Rayz, Vitaliy vrayz@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Modeling and analysis of cerebral hemodynamics and cerebrovascular pathologists and their effect on brain function and health Neurodegeneration & Neurotrauma
Ready, Donald dready@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Development of the Drosophila retina Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Redick, Thomas tredick@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences The role of individual differences in working memory capacity play in various tasks Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Rickus, Jenna rickus@purdue.edu Vice Provost For Teaching And Learning Biofunctional materials for sensing and actuation of cells and tissues Neuroengineering
Rietdyk, Shirley srietdyk@purdue.edu Health and Kinesiology Control of balance and mobility Aging & Neurodegeneration
Robins, Sarah skrobins@purdue.edu Philosophy Memory trace/engram and its role in memory and learning; tool development in neuroscience Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology; Neuroengineering
Rochet, Chris jrochet@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Mechanisms of neurotoxicity and neuroprotection in Parkinson's disease Aging & Neurodegeneration
Schaser, Allison aschaser@purdue.edu Speech, Language And Hearing Sciences Characterize and treat voice and swallowing deficits in age-related synucleinopathies Aging & Neurodegeneration
Schild, John jschild@iupui.edu Biomedical Engineering - Pin Purdue school of Engineering and Technology Neuroengineering
Schwichtenberg, A.J. ajschwichtenberg@purdue.edu Human Development and Family Studies Developmental trajectories in early childhood, at risk development, developmental disabilities (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder), sleep health, social-emotional development Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Sen, Shreyas shreyas@purdue.edu Electrical And Computer Engineering Miniaturized device and integrated circuit design for the brain and body Neuroengineering
Sereno, Anne asereno@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Neural mechanisms of executive function and dysfunction Neuroengineering
Shader, Maureen mshader@purdue.edu Speech, Language And Hearing Sciences Auditory perception and cortical processing in adults with cochlear implants; use of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to safely and non-invasively image the brain in individuals with auditory prosthetic devices. Aging & Neurodegeneration / Neuroengineering
Shah, Kavita kavitashah@purdue.edu Chemistry Identification of effective drug targets in neurodegenerative diseases using chemical genetic tools Aging & Neurodegeneration
Shi, Riyi riyi@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Mechanism and treatment of CNS trauma and diseases Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Siskind, Jeffrey qobi@purdue.edu Electrical and Computer Engineering fMRI investigation of the language-vision interface Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Stahelin, Robert rstaheli@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Lipid-protein interactions in neurodegeneration Aging & Neurodegeneration
Strickland, Elizabeth estrick@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Behavioral measurements of peripheral auditory processes, particular dynamic adjustments in response to sound Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Suter, Daniel dsuter@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Dynamics and mechanisms of axonal growth, guidance, and regeneration Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Swithers, Susie swithers@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Experience and development of controls of ingestive behavior Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Tao, W. Andy watao@purdue.edu Biochemistry Mass spectrometry-based proteomic studies of signaling in neurons Neuroengineering
Thomovsky, Stephanie sthomovs@purdue.edu Veterinary Clinical Sciences Physical Rehabilitation, vestibular disease and seizures Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Tian, Shiliang sltian@purdue.edu Chemistry Metal ions homeostasis in neurodegenerative diseases Aging & Neurodegeneration
Tong, Yunjie tong61@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Multimodal imaging of human brain function, perfusion and physiology Neuroengineering
Trask, Sydney smtrask@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Investigation of neural and molecular mechanisms that underlie memory for context, and how these functions change throughout the lifespan to produce age-related cognitive decline. Aging & Neurodegeneration
Vlachos, Pavlos pvlachos@purdue.edu Mechanical Engineering Experimental and clinical biofluid mechanics & hemodynamics Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Wachs, Juan jpwachs@purdue.edu Industrial Engineering Rehabilitation and robotics using neuroengineering Neuroengineering
Ward, Matthew mpward@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Application of control theory, wearable sensors, and predictive analytics to individualize peripheral nerve stimulation. Neuroengineering / Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Watts, Val wattsv@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Molecular pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors and adenylyl cyclases Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Weake, Vikki vweake@purdue.edu Biochemistry Epigenetic regulation of aging in the eye Aging & Neurodegeneration
Webb, Kevin webb@purdue.edu Electrical and Computer Engineering Theoretical & experimental work related to biophotonics & nanophotonics Neuroengineering
Wells, Ellen wells54@purdue.edu Health Sciences Neurological impact of metal exposure; developmental origins of adult disease Aging & Neurodegeneration
Wendt, Olli wendto@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Speech and language intervention in autism and developmental disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Wilbur, Ronnie wilbur@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Neurolinguistic processing Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Xu, Jiayun jiayun@purdue.edu Nursing Family caregiving for individuals with serious, chronic illness Aging & Neurodegeneration
Xu, Ranjie xu1726@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Developing human-induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) models, such as 3D brain organoids and human-mouse chimeras, to understand human neuro-immune interactions in neurological disorders Aging & Neurodegeneration / Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Yang, Yang yangyang@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Channelopathies of the nervous system Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Yeo, Yoon yyeo@purdue.edu Industrial And Molecular Pharmaceutics Development of new drug delivery systems involving nanoparticle surface engineering for the treatment of neurodegenerative Aging & Neurodegeneration
Yuan, Chongli cyuan@purdue.edu Chemical Engineering Epigenetic contributions to neuron stem cell differentiation and proliferation Neuroengineering
Zelaznik, Howard hnzelaz@purdue.edu Health and Kinesiology Basic mechanisms of the speed-accuracy trade off Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Zhang, Guangjun gjzhang@purdue.edu Comparative Pathobiology Cancer and developmental genetics using zebrafish as a model Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Zheng, Wei wz18@purdue.edu Health Sciences Metals in neurodegenerative diseases; blood-brain barrier and blood-CSF barrier in molecular transport; choroid plexus-CSF-subventricular zone in adult neurogenesis Neurotrauma & Neuropathology