Purdue is home to world class faculty in a multitude of science and engineering disciplines; the Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience is no different. Around 100 faculty in 6 colleges and 25 departments at Purdue find a common home in the Institute to ensure its recognition as a Pillar of Excellence on a global scale.

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NameEmailDepartmentResearch DescriptionProgram Area
Aguilar, R. Claudio claudio@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Protein - Protein interactions at a molecular level Aging & Neurodegeneration
Alexander, Joshua alexan14@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Experimental Amplification Aging & Neurodegeneration
Ambike, Satyajit sambike@purdue.edu Health and Kinesiology Human prehension and locomotion across adult age span Aging & Neurodegeneration
Barker, Eric barkerel@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Structure-function of antidepressant and psychostimulant sensitive neurotransmitter transporters Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Bartlett, Edward ebartle@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Central auditory neurophysiology and neuroanatomy at the systems & cellular levels Aging & Neurodegeneration
Bentley, Tim rbentley@purdue.edu Veterinary Clinical Sciences Translational brain cancer: from spontaneous canine brain tumors to human patients Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Bernal, Ximena xbernal@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Animal communication & Insect Neuroethology Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Bharadwaj, Hari hbharadwaj@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Systems neuroscience of auditory perception, Human electrophysiology and neuroimaging, Sensorineural hearing loss, Autism Aging & Neurodegeneration / Neuroengineering
Bowman, Aaron bowma117@purdue.edu Health Sciences Gene x Environment interactions in neurological diseases Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Brubaker, Douglas doug-brubaker@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Systems biology of host-microbe interactions focused on immunology and the gut-brain axis Neuroengineering
Burgess, John burgesjr@purdue.edu Nutrition Science The role of oxidative stress and omega-3 fatty acid status in ADHD Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Cannon, Jason cannonjr@purdue.edu Health Sciences Etiopathogenesis of Parkinson's disease Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Chan, Deva devachan@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of soft tissue structure-function relationship in health and degenerative disease Neurotrauma and neuropathology
Chester, Julia jcheste@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Genetic and environmental influences on psychiatric disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Chiu, Yu-Chin yuchinchiu@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Cognitive neuroscience of selective attention and inhibitory control Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Chmielewski, Jean chml@purdue.edu Chemistry Developing Trojan-horse approaches to deliver therapies across the blood-brain barrier Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Chopra, Gaurav gchopra@purdue.edu Chemistry Interactome based methods to study neurodegeneration for therapeutic discovery Aging & Neurodegeneration
Chubykin, Alexander chubykin@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Neural circuit plasticity in mouse visual cortex Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Claridge, Shelley claridge@purdue.edu Chemistry Nanopatterned biomolecular interfaces with electrodes Neuroengineering
Claxton, Laura ljclaxton@purdue.edu Health and Kinesiology Integration of the development of motor and cognitive processes in infants and young children Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Cui, Meng mengcui@purdue.edu Electrical and Computer Engineering Development of neuro-imaging technology for fundamental neuroscience Neuroengineering
Duerstock, Brad bsd@purdue.edu Industrial Engineering Neurotrauma, Assistive Technology / Rehabilitation Engineering Physiological Control Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Dydak, Ulrike udydak@purdue.edu Health Sciences Neuroimaging (MRI) of neurodegenerative and movement disorders Neuroengineering
Ekenstedt, Kari kje0003@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Genetics of naturally-occurring inherited canine models of human neurologic diseases Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Fernandez-Juricic, Esteban efernan@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Coevolution of visual systems and visually-guided behavior Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Flaherty, Daniel dflaher@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology I am a medicinal chemist by trade and recently have begun working on a possible target to treat neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s Aging & Neurodegeneration
Foti, Daniel foti@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Cognitive and affective abnormalities in psychopathology Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Fox, Edward foxe@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Brain-gut interactions regulating food intake and body weight Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Francis, Alexander francisa@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Psychophysiological response to listening to speech in noise Aging & Neurodegeneration
Francis, Gregory gfrancis@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Neural network models of visual perception Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Freeman, Jennifer jfreema@purdue.edu Health Sciences Developmental neurotoxicity and the developmental origins of neurodegenerative disease Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Friedman, Elliot efriedman@purdue.edu Human Development and Family Studies Biological, psychological, and social influences on healthy aging Aging & Neurodegeneration
Gardner, Stephanie sgardne@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Anatomy of age-related hearing loss Aging & Neurodegeneration
Garner, Allen algarner@purdue.edu Nuclear Engineering Electric pulse manipulation of nervous system cells Neuroengineering
Goni, Joaquin jgonicor@purdue.edu Industrial Engineering Brain connectivity under different diseases/impairments Neuroengineering
Gutmann, Michelle mgutmann@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences The effect neurodegenerative diseases have on the Augmentative & Alternative Communication system Aging & Neurodegeneration
Haddad, Jeffrey jmhaddad@purdue.edu Health and Kinesiology The integration between posture and manual movements across the human life-span Aging & Neurodegeneration
Hall, Hana hallh@purdue.edu Biochemistry Role of R-loops in age-related neurodegeneration Aging & Neurodegeneration
Heinz, Michael mheinz@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Neural coding in normal and impaired auditory systems; Models of auditory signal processing and perception Aging & Neurodegeneration
Helie, Sebastien shelie@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Computational cognitive neuroscience of sensorimotor learning Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Hill, Catherine hillca@purdue.edu Entomology Novel, environmentally benign strategies to control mosquito and tick vectors of disease Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Hockerman, Gregory gregh@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Defining the roles of specific voltage-gate Ca2+ channels in pancreatic beta cell function Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Hollenbeck, Peter phollenb@purdue.edu Office Of The Provost The transport and life cycle of mitochondria in the nervous system Aging & Neurodegeneration
Hrycyna, Christine hrycyna@purdue.edu Chemistry Drug discovery for inhibitors of human Icmt and for human ABC transporters at the blood-brain barrier Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Huang, Fang fanghuang@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Super-resolution microscopy for cellular structures, functions and dynamics Neuroengineering
Huber, Jessica jhuber@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Treatment of changes to speech and cognition with aging and Parkinson's disease Aging & Neurodegeneration
Hudmon, Andy ahudmon@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology The role Kinases and their signaling complexes play in regulating on channels in neurodegeneration Aging & Neurodegeneration
Irazoqui, Pedro pip@purdue.edu Electrical and Computer Engineering Biomedical imaging and sensing Neuroengineering
Jayant, Krishna kjayant@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Neural circuit dynamics involved in sensory processing and memory consolidation, nanoelectronics, electrophysiology, optical techniques Neuroengineering
Kaganovich, Natalya kaganovi@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Audiovisual processing in typically developing children and in children with developmental disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Keehn, Brandon bkeehn@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Attentional strengths and weaknesses and their neurofunctional underpinnings in autism Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kelleher, Bridgette bkelleher@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Early behavioral and biological markers of risk and resilience in children with neurodevelopmental disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kemmerer, David kemmerer@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Neural organization of linguistic meaning and its relationships with grammar, perception, and action Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kimbrough, Adam kimbroua@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Alcohol and other addiction related disorders and the effect they have on the related neural networks Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kinzer-Ursem, Tamara tursem@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Using mathematical models to understand how dynamic protein interactions influence cellular behavior Neuroengineering
Kinzig, Kimberly kkinzig@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Neuroendocrinology of energy balance Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Knipp, Greg gknipp@purdue.edu Industrial and Physical Pharmacy Investigating in vitro and in vivo blood-brain barrier permeation Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kong, Nan nkong@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Stochastic Optimization; discrete optimization; agent-based modeling and simulation healthcare resource allocation Neuroengineering
Krishnan, Ravi rkrish@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Neural encoding of speech in normal and impaired ears Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Kuang, Shihuan skuang@purdue.edu Animal Sciences Muscle development & regeneration, adult stem cell biology, and neuromuscular diseases Aging & Neurodegeneration
Lee, Hugh hwlee@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Implantable microscale sensors and actuators for treatment of neurological disorders Neuroengineering
Lee, Ji Yeon lee1704@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Language processing and recovery in adult neurogenic disorders Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Leonard, Laurence xdxl@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Childhood language disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Leung, Yuk Fai yfleung@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Disease-causing gene network and novel therapies for retinal degeneration Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Li, Jianming jianming@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Translational biomaterials research, tissue engineering, and nanotechnology Neuroengineering
Lindemann, Stephen lindemann@purdue.edu Food Science Gut-brain axis, mechanisms of dietary and microbiome modulation of neuroinflammation and cognition Aging & Neurodegeneration
Little, Dianne little33@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Regenerative medicine approaches to treat musculoskeletal disease Neurotrama & Neuropathology
Lucas, Jeffrey jlucas@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Animal communication & avian audiology Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Lyle, Tiffany tiffanylyle@purdue.edu Comparative Pathobiology Blood-tumor barrier alterations in brain metastases from lung cancer Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Makin, Maria mdadarla@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Neural prostheses and artificial sensation; sensorimotor learing Neuroengineering
Malandraki, Georgia malandraki@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Neurophysiology and neuroplasticity of the swallowing neural network in children and adults Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Marceau, Kristine KristineMarceau@purdue.edu Human Development and Family Studies How genetics, hormones, and pre/post natal environments contribute to the development of child behavior & family relationships Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Marinero, Ernesto eemarinero@purdue.edu Materials Engineering Fundamental and applied science Neuroengineering
Mattes, Richard mattes@purdue.edu Nutrition Science Mechanisms and functions of taste Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Mattoo, Seema smattoo@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Fic-mediated post-translational modifications in neurodegeneration Aging & Neurodegeneration
McNally Keehn, Rebecca rmcnall@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Improving evidence-based diagnostic & intervention practices for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Mendrysa, Susan mendrysa@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Cerebellum development and tumorigenesis Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Mohammadi, Saeed saeedm@purdue.edu Electrical and Computer Engineering Wireless neural recording and stimulation and neuroprosthetics Neuroengineering
Munguia-Vazquez, Raymundo rmunguia@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Auditory cortex plasticity and how the Central Nervous System adapts and responds to a diverse array of disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Nauman, Eric enauman@purdue.edu Mechanical Engineering Prevention, detection, and treatment of traumatic brain injury Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Nie, Linda hnie@purdue.edu Health Sciences Biomedical instrumentation development Neuroengineering
O'Connor, Sean oconnor1@iupui.edu Biomedical Engineering Analysis of electroencephalographic measures of brain function Neuroengineering
O'Haire, Marguerite mohaire@purdue.edu Comparative Pathobiology Human-animal interaction especially service dogs for PTSD & Autism patients Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Ogas, Joe ogas@purdue.edu Biochemistry Neuronal differentiation Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Ogata, Niwako nogata@purdue.edu Veterinary Clinical Sciences Translational research between human mental health and canine behavior health Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Ott, Carol caott@iupui.edu Pharmacy Medication use and clinical outcomes in mental health and substance use disorders Development, Genetics, Neuropharmacology
Paschou, Perry ppaschou@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Genetics of complex disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Perez-Torres, Carlos cperezto@purdue.edu Health Sciences How radiation treatment affects the normal brain to improve MRI tools Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Phillips, Robert phillipr@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Understanding the neural pathways that control food intake and how they're affected by age Aging & Neurodegeneration
Pitts, Brandon bjpitts@purdue.edu Industrial Engineering Age-related cognitive changes and human-machine interaction Aging & Neurodegeneration
Pluta, Scott spluta@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Neural circuits and behavior, sensory coding and sensorimotor integration Development, Genetics & Neurpharmacology
Powley, Terry powleyt@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Autonomic nerve circuitry and physiology Aging & Neurodegeneration
Pushkar, Yulia ypushkar@purdue.edu Physics and Astronomy Biophysics & Energy Research Neuroengineering
Rayz, Vitaliy vrayz@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Modeling and analysis of cerebral hemodynamics and cerebrovascular pathologists and their effect on brain function and health Neurodegeneration & Neurotrauma
Ready, Donald dready@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Development of the Drosophila retina Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Redick, Thomas tredick@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences The role of individual differences in working memory capacity play in various tasks Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Rickus, Jenna rickus@purdue.edu Vice Provost For Teaching And Learning Biofunctional materials for sensing and actuation of cells and tissues Neuroengineering
Rietdyk, Shirley srietdyk@purdue.edu Health and Kinesiology Control of balance and mobility Aging & Neurodegeneration
Rispoli, Joseph jrispoli@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering High-field MRI and spectroscopy of the brain and spinal cord Neuroengineering
Robles, Estuardo roblese@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Neuroscience at the cellular or circuit level Neuroengineering
Rochet, Chris jrochet@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Mechanisms of neurotoxicity and neuroprotection in Parkinson's disease Aging & Neurodegeneration
Rossie, Sandra srossie@purdue.edu Biochemistry Neuronal signal transduction and disease Aging & Neurodegeneration
Schaser, Allison aschaser@purdue.edu Speech, Language And Hearing Sciences Characterize and treat voice and swallowing deficits in age-related synucleinopathies Aging & Neurodegeneration
Schwichtenberg, A.J. ajschwichtenberg@purdue.edu Human Development and Family Studies Developmental trajectories in early childhood, at risk development, developmental disabilities (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder), sleep health, social-emotional development Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Seidl, Amanda aseidl@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Understanding infant speech & language development Neuroengineering
Sen, Shreyas shreyas@purdue.edu Electrical And Computer Engineering Miniaturized device and integrated circuit design for the brain and body Neuroengineering
Sereno, Anne asereno@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Neural mechanisms of executive function and dysfunction Neuroengineering
Shah, Kavita kavitashah@purdue.edu Chemistry Identification of effective drug targets in neurodegenerative diseases using chemical genetic tools Aging & Neurodegeneration
Shi, Riyi riyi@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Mechanism and treatment of CNS trauma and diseases Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Siskind, Jeffrey qobi@purdue.edu Electrical and Computer Engineering fMRI investigation of the language-vision interface Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Sjogren, Benita jsjogren@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology RGS protein regulation and drug discovery Aging & Neurodegeneration
Smith, Anne asmith@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences How the brain controls the production of speech Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Stahelin, Robert rstaheli@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Lipid-protein interactions in neurodegeneration Aging & Neurodegeneration
Strickland, Elizabeth estrick@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Behavioral measurements of peripheral auditory processes, particular dynamic adjustments in response to sound Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Suter, Daniel dsuter@purdue.edu Biological Sciences Dynamics and mechanisms of axonal growth, guidance, and regeneration Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Swithers, Susie swithers@purdue.edu Psychological Sciences Experience and development of controls of ingestive behavior Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Tao, W. Andy watao@purdue.edu Biochemistry Mass spectrometry-based proteomic studies of signaling in neurons Neuroengineering
Thomovsky, Stephanie sthomovs@purdue.edu Veterinary Clinical Sciences Physical Rehabilitation, vestibular disease and seizures Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Tian, Shiliang sltian@purdue.edu Chemistry Metal ions homeostasis in neurodegenerative diseases Aging & Neurodegeneration
Tong, Yunjie tong61@purdue.edu Biomedical Engineering Multimodal imaging of human brain function, perfusion and physiology Neuroengineering
Trader, Darci dtrader@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology The development of chemical strategies to control & harness Aging & Neurodegeneration
Van Rijn, Richard rvanrijn@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Neuropharmacology of substance use disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Vlachos, Pavlos pvlachos@purdue.edu Mechanical Engineering Experimental and clinical biofluid mechanics & hemodynamics Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Wachs, Juan jpwachs@purdue.edu Industrial Engineering Rehabilitation and robotics using neuroengineering Neuroengineering
Watts, Val wattsv@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Molecular pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors and adenylyl cyclases Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Weake, Vikki vweake@purdue.edu Biochemistry Epigenetic regulation of aging in the eye Aging & Neurodegeneration
Webb, Kevin webb@purdue.edu Electrical and Computer Engineering Theoretical & experimental work related to biophotonics & nanophotonics Neuroengineering
Wells, Ellen wells54@purdue.edu Health Sciences Neurological impact of metal exposure; developmental origins of adult disease Aging & Neurodegeneration
Wendt, Olli wendto@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Speech and language intervention in autism and developmental disorders Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Wilbur, Ronnie wilbur@purdue.edu Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Neurolinguistic processing Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Xu, Jiayun jiayun@purdue.edu Nursing Family caregiving for individuals with serious, chronic illness Aging & Neurodegeneration
Yang, Jer-Yen jyyang@purdue.edu Basic Medical Sciences Understanding how Hh signaling regulates early neuronal evelopment Neuroengineering
Yang, Yang yangyang@purdue.edu Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Channelopathies of the nervous system Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Yuan, Chongli cyuan@purdue.edu Chemical Engineering Epigenetic contributions to neuron stem cell differentiation and proliferation Neuroengineering
Zelaznik, Howard hnzelaz@purdue.edu Health and Kinesiology Basic mechanisms of the speed-accuracy trade off Development, Genetics & Neuropharmacology
Zhang, Guangjun gjzhang@purdue.edu Comparative Pathobiology Cancer and developmental genetics using zebrafish as a model Neurotrauma & Neuropathology
Zhang, Min minzhang@purdue.edu Statistics Statistical genetics of neurological disorders Aging & Neurodegeneration
Zheng, Wei wz18@purdue.edu Health Sciences Metals in neurodegenerative diseases; blood-brain barrier and blood-CSF barrier in molecular transport; choroid plexus-CSF-subventricular zone in adult neurogenesis Neurotrauma & Neuropathology