Neurodegeneration & Neurotrauma

Unveiling the mysteries enshrouding pathological mechanisms of nervous system trauma and diseases is one of the most challenging medical problems of the modern era. The need for major advancement in this arena is fueled by the ever increasing incidence of injury and disease among people from all walks of life.  The objective of the Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience is to meet this challenge head on, to decipher mechanisms of neuropathology through a concerted multi-disciplinary effort. The goal is to curtail the incidence of and suffering from neural diseases and trauma to improve quality of life through deeper understanding, early diagnosis, deliberate treatment, and preventative measures.  As one of the four major focus areas under the newly established Institute, the aim is to galvanize existing Purdue expertise, combine resources available from the Institute through collaboration, to take an unprecedented journey making significant contributions to understand and protect the most important system of the human body.