Biological Sciences

BIOL 51600: Molecular Biology Of Cancer

BIOL 53800: Molecular, Cellular, And Developmental Neurobiology

BIOL 56200: Neural Systems

BIOL 59500: Special Assignments

BIOL 60200: Cellular Neurobiology

Psychological Sciences

PSY 51200: Neural Systems

PSY 60300: Psychopharmacology

PSY 69200: Special Topics In Psychology

Basic Medical Sciences

BMS 52500: Principles Of Neuroanatomy

Biomedical Engineering

BME 52800: Measurement And Stimulation Of The Nervous System

Graduate Studies

GRAD 61200: Responsible Conduct Of Research

Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

MCMP 62500: Grant Writing


HORT 60300: Grants And Grantsmanship

Speech, Language and Hearing Science

SLHS 50100: Neural Bases Of Speech And Hearing


STAT 50300: Statistical Methods For Biology

STAT 59800: Topics In Statistical Methods


CHM 69600: Special Topics In Chemistry

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 64200: Information Theory And Source Coding

ECE 64500: Estimation Theory

ECE 69500: Advanced Topics In Electrical And Computer Engineering


BCHM 62000: Protein Mass Spectrometry And Proteomics