The Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience is focused on providing graduate students with the best possible support, education, and experience as they develop as scientists and future colleagues through their graduate careers with Purdue University. The Institute leverages multiple existing programs and departments at Purdue to provide a novel, interdisciplinary training experience unique to neuroscience.

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Neuroscience is a truly integrative discipline as evidenced by the fact that faculty in this program are drawn from approximately 10 departments representing 5 schools at Purdue University. Both the breadth and depth of the research programs among the Purdue faculty span the nervous systems of diverse species, e.g. fruit flies, zebra fish, mice, rats, and humans. Further, the research approach among these systems spans the molecular, cellular, physiological, and behavioral levels of analysis. Students enter the program from diverse undergraduate majors, with equally diverse research interests, and consequently receive training across the levels of analysis required to effectively understand the nervous system and its function. One of the special aspects of the Neuroscience Program is that the participating faculty are drawn from departments and schools within Purdue University not typically associated with training in the life sciences. This inherent diversity in the problem areas and technical approaches taken will offer students from other training programs within PULSe this broad perspective in a way that is relevant to their own disciplines and research.

The Integrative Neuroscience Program

The Integrative Neuroscience Program is offered through the Purdue University Life Science Program (PULSe).

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